Meditation Three:
Spirit Releasement

This meditation allows you to cleanse your auric and etheric fields from spirits or entities that are affecting you, called spirit attachment. Spirit releasement allows you to give the spirit or entity your love and send it to the light. You can also use the meditation to clear and cleanse a space (room, house, etc.) that you intuit as having a spirit attachment.

Combinations of stones and crystals include: jet and azeztulite, black obsidian and white selenite, tourmalinated quartz and rutilated quartz.

NOTE: It is very important to be grounded while doing spirit releasement.


1. Close your eyes.

2. Become more and more relaxed, allowing yourself to go to that perfect place of perfect peace and relaxation.

3. Start noticing your breath, as you inhale and exhale. Notice the rhythm of your breathing, the up and down of your diaphragm.

4. Then, consciously start taking deeper and deeper breaths, and while you do, visualize cleansing white light coming into you through your nostrils as you inhale. Then, when you exhale, visualize this cleansing white light dispersing throughout your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

5. Visualize this light filling your body until your body is full of the cleansing white light. When your body is saturated with this divine, cleansing white light, send a beam of this white light from your root chakra at the base of your spine to the crystalline core of Earth. Visualize your connection to the Earth's core as firmly as you can, feeling grounded and protected while doing so.

6. Knowing that you are firmly grounded through your root chakra, now bring your attention to your aura. Sense the foreign energy that is in your auric field. Can you make contact with it? Can you see the spirit? . . . If you can, ask what its name is . . . Then ask what it wants . . . (Note: this can be a very emotional time for both you and the spirit).

7. Then tell the spirit: "All I can do is send you my love." Saying this, allow your heart chakra to be opened. Allow your heart chakra to be radiating with the most beautiful emerald green light. Send a beam of this emerald green from your heart chakra to the heart chakra of the spirit and affirm: "I give you my love." . . . (Note: Sometimes, the spirit will not accept your love. If the spirit is reluctant to receive the love, continue to affirm that the only thing you can do for the spirit is to give it love. The spirit will eventually receive your love).

8. Embrace the spirit now as both of your heart chakras are radiating the beautiful emerald green light. Allow love to freely flow between the both of you - this has been a great experience for both of you.

9. There is one more thing you can do for the spirit. Say to the spirit: "It is okay to go to the Light. There are loved ones waiting for you." . . . (Note: Again, the spirit may be reluctant or apprehensive about going toward the Light. If so, continue to affirm that there are loved ones with open arms and open hearts waiting for the spirit. Relaxing all fears the spirit may have about going toward the light, the spirit will release its attachment from you.)

10. When the spirit chooses to go toward the Light, see it release itself from your auric field. See the spirit being enveloped in a wave of great Light and Love, and know, the spirit has gone toward the Light, to the Other Side, and is safe.

11. If you intuit that your aura may still be sensitive because of the spirit attachment and releasement, you may now secure your aura with cocoons of light . . . Visualize around yourself and your aura a beautiful pink cocoon of light. This pink light cocoon will shower you with love and will also radiate love to all . . . Now visualize a beautiful violet cocoon of light around the pink one. This violet light cocoon will cleanse all residual negativity from the spirit attachment (all negativity will be cleansed actually), and will act as a shield to protect you from all negativity . . . Now visualize a beautiful golden cocoon of light around the violet one. This golden light cocoon will attract positive energy to you and will also increase the effectivness of the other cocoons of light . . .

12. Now bask in the radiance of the light of the three cocoons. Feel their loving, cleansing energy throughout your body and radiating outward. Stay in this perfect place of peace as long as you need.

13. When you are ready, return your focus to your breathing.

14. After a few deep, cleansing breaths, open your eyes, feeling awake and alert and ready to continue your day (you may also end the mediation in a way to prepare you for sleep).

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