Meditation Two:
Cutting Karmic Ties

This meditation gives you the power of your own karma. Through meditative states, you can cut karmic ties between you and situations, people, or whatever binds you from fully expressing your Truth and experiencing your evolutionary journey.

Stones and crystals that may help you during this meditation include: amethyst, sugilite, charoite, and purple fluorite.


1. Close your eyes.

2. Become more and more relaxed, allowing yourself to go to that perfect place of perfect peace and relaxation.

3. Start noticing your breath, as you inhale and exhale. Notice the rhythm of your breathing, the up and down of your diaphragm.

4. Then, consciously start taking deeper and deeper breaths, and while you do, visualize cleansing white light coming into you through your nostrils as you inhale. Then, when you exhale, visualize this cleansing white light dispersing throughout your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

5. Visualize this light filling your body until your body is full of the cleansing white light. When your body is saturated with this divine, cleansing white light, become aware of any situation or person that may be troubling you.

6. Clearly see the situation or person in your mind's eye as crystal clear as your mind can create it.

7. When the image of this situation or person is clearly seen, start sending love from your heart chakra to the situation or person. Allow emerald green light start flooding the situation or person with divine love and light.

8. Then, visualize a cord attached from your solar plexus to the situation or person.

9. Look down at your dominant hand and find a pair of violet scissors.

10. Take the violet scissors of transformation and cut the cord between you and the situation or person, freeing both parties of all karma and negativity.

11. Allow the situation or person to fade away and walk away, knowing all karma has been transmuted.

12. Repeat this for however many situations or people you need cut karmic ties with. You may even want to explore past lives at this time and do the same steps with past life personalities.

13. When you are ready, return your focus to your breathing.

14. After a few deep, cleansing breaths, open your eyes, feeling awake and alert and ready to continue your day (you may also end the mediation in a way to prepare you for sleep).
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