Meditation One:
~Chalice of Love~

As the brilliant Solar Angel El-La-Ra has imparted, there is a great Chalice of Golden-Pink Light that is at the heart of the Creator. Drinking from this chalice fills your heart chakra with the most harmonizing energy in the universe: Love. This meditation will help you access this Chalice and drink as much as you want from the Love of the Creator.

Crystats that may help you on this meditative journey include: rhodochrosite, morganite, pink tourmaline, and rose quartz.

* Close your eyes, and place yourself in a comfortable position.

* Breathe in, visualizing cleansing white light coming in through your nostrils. As you breathe out, visualize this white light going throughout your body, cleansing and clearing all negativity from your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

* Concentrate on breathing in this brilliant white light for a few more moments . . . .

* Now, take your attention to your chest cavity, where your heart chakra is located. Start breathing into your heart chakra, visualizing the white light coming through your nostrils as you inhale, and sending the white light to your heart chakra as you exhale.

* Now, allow this cleansing white light to change in frequency. See the white light as a beautiful, crisp green light, a light of deep healing and love. Fill your heart chakra with this green light, and breathe.

* From within your heart chakra, there is a direct line to the heart chakra of the Creator, the Center of Creation. For now, bathe in the green light emitting from the heart chakra. Bathe in its healing and loving energy.

* Call forth your Companion Solar Angels and Spirit Guides to be at your side. Ask your angels and guides to guide you, from your heart chakra, to the Center of Creation, the heart chakra of Source. They will step up your vibration to prepare you to embrace the awesome love of the One Creator.

* You will start to feel the green light shifting into a higher frequency. You may start to notice a brilliant golden-pink light as your grow closer to Source. When you reach the center of Source, the heart chakra of the One Creator, you may visualize a beautiful chalice that is filled with golden-pink liquid light.

* Let your angels take you this chalice, and drink from it.

* Take within yourself the love and light of the Creator. The Creator loves purely, pefectly, unconditonally, and eternally. Take this great love into you . . . now.

* Drink as much as you want. The heart of the Creator is infinite with love. It is a well that will never run dry. Drinking from this chalice will create a beautiful chalice within your own heart chakra that others around you can drink from. Let your chalice runneth over with Love from the Creator, allowing the love to spill over to all things you do, think, and say.

* When you are done drinking from the rich Love in the center of Source, ask your angels and guides to take you back to your heart chakra, where a beautiful chalice already is, spilling over with golden-pink liquid light.

* Bathe in the new vibration of your heart chakra, and when you are ready, bring your attention back to physical existence and know you are loved. You are love. You love.

* Brightest Blessings . . .
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