~ Meditations from Lady Maza ~

Greetings, Children of Source, I AM Lady Maza, a Light Being from the Pleiadies, specifically from the star Alcyone. I have come forth through Ezrael to impart meditations that will enhance your evolutionary growth, if it is according to your Higher Good. You may want to record these meditations on a tape recorder or get a friend to guide you through them. "New Age" music in the background may further the experience if you wish (Ezrael suggests quartz crystal bowls "singing" in the background).

Brightest Blessings, my beautiful Sisters & Brothers.

~Meditation One: Chalice of Love~

~Meditation Two: Cutting Karmic Ties~

~Meditation Three: Spirit Releasement~

~Meditation Four: Cocoons of Lights~

~Meditation Five: Heart Prism Meditation~

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