~Ezrael's Haven~

Welcome to my haven. All are welcome here from every path of life.
All things in nature teaches us, however small and insignificant they may first seem. And yet even the small ants know how to live in harmony to create their underground world. I wonder, why can't we live in harmony with our fellow brothers and sisters to create a society of love, life, and light?
Hand in hand, I know we can.

If you have any ideas to make this a better haven, please e-mail me at Ezrael777@hotmail.com.
Thank you . . .

And Brightest Blessings to All.

Special Prayer Request

Violence begets violence. I send Love and Light to all nations, all ethnicities, all religions, all people to see that beyond ego, we are One.

Please join me in sending Love and Light to the world.

* Channelings *

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* Meditations from Lady Maza *

~Crystal Vibrations~

If you wish to connect with the Beings of Light featured on this page,
crystals and stones may help you assimilate their frequency and vibration:

~Ezrael vibrates to the crystals/stones emerald, seraphinite, green kyanite, and green apopholite.

~Az-Ez-Ra vibrates to the crystals/stones azeztuile, Lemurian Seed crystals, angelite, sugilite, selenite, and rhodochrosite.

~El-La-Ra vibrates to the crystals/stones lithium crystals, rhodochrosite, morganite, pink tourmaline (rubellite), and rose quartz crystals.

~Lady Maza vibrates to the crystals/stones celestite, blue kyanite, and iolite.

~ Friends of Humanity ~

* Ascended Masters *

* Angels * Celestials *

* Lightworkers * Indigo Children *

* Totem Animals *

* Crystal Spirits *
Learn about the metaphysical properties of crystals and minerals.

* Reiki *
Learn about Reiki and request distant healing.

* The Violet Flame *
Learn how to transmute negativity and unforgiveness.

* Prayers & Invocations of Light & Love *

* Poetry *

* Links * Reading List *

* Spirituality Chat Room *
Meet with others to discuss spirituality and healing.

* Reflect * Viewers' Reflections *



E-mail me at Ezrael777@hotmail.com

You can also send me a message on Yahoo! Messenger; screenname: Ezrael777.

Choose Peace, my Brothers & Sisters.
Together, let us create a beautiful world of Light & Love.

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