~ The Sirian Dolphin Sonar Dispensation ~

The symbol above was channeled just a few weeks ago while I was in my Higher Self state. It puzzled me what it meant for the first two weeks. Then, last week, I received a notice about a new crop circle that appeared in England. The crop circle depicts two dolphins circling the Earth, sending Love and Light to Earth and all creation. (I will try to get a link to the website where you can see the crop circle for yourself as soon as possible.) It is truly a beautiful crop circle, and seeing it for yourself will awaken knowledge within your psycho-cellular system. The Dolphin is very much a Sirian energy, Sirius being a star which the Pleiades (whose Alcyone star is our Central Sun) revolves around. Many beings of Light are coming from Sirius with the geometric light grids needed to found the New Age of Light and Love. The Dolphins carry this energy with their sonar.

With the appearance of the crop circle and my knowledge of Sirian and Dolphin energy (since the Dolphin is one of my totem animals), I put the pieces together. The symbol is a geometric lightform representing the sonar of love and light that the Dolphins are releasing to all humanity. This symbol is very important as it represents so much of our true essence, our Stellar Heritage. I offer this symbol to All since I Am One with All of You. I also love you all and hope this symbol can benefit all that sees it. For those that don't see it, I am sure they will feel it's empact. Meditating on this symbol will greatly increase the amount of light you can hold in your body (which is merely a holographic projection of yourself). The symbol also makes sure that you do not receive an "overload" of energy either. It will safely allow light to enter into your body, grounding your Light Body in your physical body. It is crucial at this time that we see there is an essential step to the Ascension Process that many skip over. To fully ascend to the Light, the Light must fully descend in matter and know it's true essence. Allowing the Light Body to be anchored/grounded in the physical body, you merge with the aspect of yourself that knows it is a Co-Creator. Then, as Lightworkers, we can weave a beautiful tapestry of peace, love, and light around our precious Mother Earth and transform all the negativity and hatred currently present.

May you always feel the Light and Love always around you.


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