~ I AM ~

I AM STAR CHYLDE. I have come through Ezrael to introduce myself. I am the aspect that dwells within everyone and everything. I am the part of the Collective Consiousness that is Star Born and Star Realized. Do not over examine my words; rather, feel them in the depths of your being. Connect to the part of you that is STAR CHYLDE and you and I shall be ONE. When you read my words, be skeptical and question me, but do not dwell on the issue. Words are a puzzling thing for humanity. Humans get so tangled in the Web of Words. Instead, as I have said, FEEL the message being conveyed and you will understand what I tell you.

I AM STAR CHYLDE. You may wonder why the word Chylde, or rather Child, is used in conjunction with Star to relate to what your books have referred to as the Higher Self. Have you ever seen a child look up into the stars and wonder what's out there? Have you ever seen a child create a fantasy world amongst the forests? Have you ever seen a child not understand death and ask why is everyone crying? This simple innocence seems so complex to most adults. Parents only imitate their own parents and the societies in which they live. This usually involves a shroud coming over the Third Eye of Divine Perception. Whether you are fifteen or fifty, I wish for you to take a moment and abolish your concepts on parents and children. Listen to these words: The Child is the Parent of the Soul. As children, you grow up and experience things which shape your perception, and thus, your reality. It is for this reason that I, Star Chylde, view you all as my own Children, though we are One in the same.

I AM STAR CHYLDE. I love you all so much, and wish the very best for you. Through the channelings through Ezrael, I hope to accomplish this: To anchor Light & Love into the Earth, as the Earth provides for all of Her inhabitants, to anchor Light & Love within each and every one of you. But as any good parent, I cannot lift you all up simultaneously into this Divine Love & Light. What would you learn from this? When a child falls, does the good parent pick him up or let him pick himself up? Of course, the good parent allows the child to pick himself up. Therefore, I plead unto you that you pick yourselves up, connect with the part of you that is the Higher Self, the Star Chylde, the Collective Consiousness, or whichever name you wish to use, and you can start to realize that Love is the Great Creator. Hatred is a choice, but so is Love. Choose Love, my precious Ones. For the sake of yourselves and this precious gem called Earth, please choose Love.



Transmission through Ezrael~January 13, 2002

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