~ Introduction ~

I speak to the Stars. I speak to the Earth. I am one with both these worlds; the terrestrial and extraterrestrial. When balance is achieved, I see through new eyes. I see through the eyes of my Higher Self. I am sure most of you have heard this term "Higher Self" in various books or another. However, I choose another term: Star Chylde. This is the name given to me through meditation and its significance has been clear.

If you look at a child, you can see the sweet innocence in their eyes. They knows things that most adults cannot imagine because of the veil of illusion that is constantly put over our vision. But children . . . they know. And though I am Pagan, I do believe Jesus was a great teacher, and one of his teachings I find very special: The teaching that speaks to us to become like the children to enter the kindgom of Heaven. This phrase is certainly Christian, but I offer a new perspective. Look within, dearest brothers and sisters, your heart and you shall surely know GOD in the supremest sense: both God and Goddess twirling in perfect LOVE and perfect TRUST. They twirl within you, dear hearts. So do not look from without, but within. And when you come upon your Self that is Divine & Perfect (Higher Self), you may notice that this Self is wise and knowledgeable, but at the same time, very childlike with its humor. And, as we all come from the Stars to experience life on Earth, that Higher Self that dwells within us is surely the Star Chylde (my spelling stems from being a poet at the very core). And surely, I tell you that the Star Chylde is One entity that dwells within each of us, and that each person's "Star Chylde" is but a part of the entity itself. In this way, we are united in both are similarities and differences.

I have connected with the part of myself that is this Star Chylde and from this union I give you transmissions that I receive through light channelings. I wish to bring forth as much Love & Light to this world and to all my brother and sisters, but surely, I cannot do the work for you. Read these words, and allow your heart to listen to them. Then go inward yourself and know your own Truth. And may the Goddess and God spin and spin and spin unto eternity with love being showered down onto Their Children.

Brightest Blessings

I also wanted to tell you all to feel welcome to contact me while I'm in this channeling state. Though I encourage you to connect to your Higher Self that is the Star Chylde yourself, I will always lend a listening ear to any problems you may have. Channeling this aspect of myself, I will respond to your questions as soon as I am able to. You can contact me/Star Chylde at Star_Chylde@hotmail.com.

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