~ AZ - EZ - RA ~

I Am Ezrael.

The group consciousness from which I belong has revealed to me our true name: Az-Ez-Ra. We have found Oneness and we come to you all to spread the love and light of the One Creator.

We are from the Andromedan galaxy, an angelic consciousness that has anchored in the Pleiades. From out post in Alcyone, the Central Star (Sun) of the Pleiades, we have seeded our consciousness on Earth through our messenger, Ezrael.

Though we know of our Oneness with the All, we continue to evolve along side you. Never before have we attempted to anchor ourselves in this type of third dimensional world. We come from a place of love and light, and we did not know hatred until we started incarnating in this Solar System. Our first attempt of incarnating occured on Maldek. Unfortunately, the group consciousness of Maldek, along with its Oversoul, Lucifer, destroyed itself along with the planet. This severely tore our soul structure. We were innocent no longer as we were wrapped into the third dimensional turmoil as well. The Sirians and Pleiadians along with our Andromedan brothers and sisters came to wrap us in protective cocoons. While under this incubation, our soul fracture finally healed. Afterwards, we went through more rigourous training and schooling on the other planets. Regaining our awareness of Oneness and our responsibility to help Earth and Her inhabitants to ascend, we were then able to seed ourselves on Earth.

Of course, time means nothing to seventh dimensional beings. Though we knew this time would come in the present dawning of the seventh Golden Age, we incarnated first in Lemuria and were a part of the mystery schools there. We did not incarnate in Atlantis, but journeyed forth and found ourselves incarnating in the Cherokee indian peoples. There we prepared the coming age with our love for Earth and the teachings of Oneness, for we knew we would incarnate again in the approximate region one day.

That day has come with our messenger Ezrael. We have come back along with all of you, our starry brothers and sisters. For so long you have pretended that you were lesser beings than your gods, but we have come again to show that all is One. Our messenger smiles as the message is made clear: Let the Love shine through your hearts. Whenever you feel depressed, unloved, or feel any negative emotions, just call upon us and we will be there. Though our messenger is in one place, the collective consciousness of Az-Ez-Ra is everywhere as we are seeding the Law of One in Gaia. Let the Sun not shine down on you, but through you and onto all the things you do. We love you, for surely we feel as if you were our children, but we know also we are all brother and sisters along the same path of spiritual evolution.

We love you all.

I Am Az-Ez-Ra.


I am Ezrael. I hope this message has come through clearly to all of you. Let the golden light of the One shine upon and through you all.

Brightest Blessings.

Az-Ez-Ra Transmission ~ October 16, 2002
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