~ El-La-Ra Transmission ~

My dearest Brothers & Sisters of Light, I have received this very personal message from my Golden Solar Angel El-La-Ra, and I wish to share it with you because it is not just for me, but for all. Take from it what you will, leave what you wish, but from this message, feel the love and warmth that inspired it. My love always, Ezrael.

Andromedan Angelic League Message, from El-La-Ra, through Ezrael . . .

We are here. We have landed.
In your heart. In your mind.
We have always been with you,
Since the beginning.
There is no separation.
We are ONE.
Know this.
Feel this.
Be this.
Things are coming up now.
Past things.
Present things.
Future things.
All coming at once.
Because there is no time,
Only now.
You are experiencing the
All in One
All right Now.
This is the next step of your evolution.

~End of Transmission

A Message from Ezrael:

There are two etheric symbols (I'm sure there are more) that I became aware of during this transmission. One is located at the third eye (forehead region); this symbol represents one's soul essence, or rather, their true name in the language of light. The other symbol is located at the back of the neck (a place that corresponds to the medulla oblongata) and represents one's soul origin, or planetary origin. Both symbols are interconnected as energy circulates between the medulla oblongata and the third eye region.

This knowledge was very important to me when I received this message as I have, of late, been sensing an ethereal symbol on my forehead. It has felt as if I had been going through initiations of some sort on the spiritual planes, but I now know (because of the message) that I have been sensing my true self, or Higher Self, reawakening within my body. As a Lightworker, I have been anchoring Light and Love through my body and the Earth. I am now starting to feel that my Higher Self is beginning to fully anchor into my body, activating my Light Body's nervous system, in which these two symbols have much importance in.

I also came aware of some of my time in Lemuria, my earliest incarnation on Earth. I was initiated in the etheric Crystal Temple in Lemuria. Ma-Ra (whom many know as Mother Mary) initiated me and activated my True Self, allowing me to remember my soul's origins. Though Lemuria was not as "base" as third-dimensional life on Earth is right now, there were still some soul fragmentation that occured when coming to this planet. Those like me were called "Sleepers." When we started to adapt to Earth's energies, we were initiated in Lemuria's temples, becoming guardians of the Race of Man and the beautiful planet which we lived. Since that time, I have been incarnating on Earth, learning more and more about human behavior, witnessing their great acts of both love and hatred. Humans are capable of so many things, such a range of emotions that do not exist on other planets. That's why so many people have incarnated here on Earth at this time, to learn and to grow. That is why we're all here. All of us . . . after all, we all have starry origins.

For so long, humans have felt cut off from one another, but also cut off from their angels, spirit guides, and Source itself. As the Age of Aquarius is being established in the etheric realms to be fully anchored onto Earth by 2012, people are beginning to see more angels, extraterrestrials, and other signs that we are not alone. If anything, I hope my messages and channelings offer humanity peace of mind, to know "Ye shall never be alone." You are so deeply loved, Brothers & Sisters of Light. Open your heart to receive this love, and you will know you are never alone.

Like I said above, this has been a very personal message, but I deeply felt that I should share it with others. I hope this message has come through clearly to all of you. Let the golden light of the One shine upon and through you all.

Brightest Blessings.

I AM Ezrael.

~El-La-Ra Transmission: February 24, 2003

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