~ Turragata ~

I AM El-La-Ra.

Greetings, Sisters & Brothers of the One Creator.

I am overjoyed for having the opportunity to speak with you again. I have come forth through my channel Ezrael to tell you a story. This is a story of every starseed, of every particle of God Light that has gone forth from Source to experience. This is the story of Turragata. Turragata was a beautiful planet in the Andromedan galaxy, and still is beautiful in the etheric realms.

From my golden womb, I gave birth to a beautiful being named Luminus. With his creative power, he created Turragata and allowed various animal and plant life from many universes to be seeded on Turragata. The biggest challenged lied in a fully conscious being seeding Turragata. A call came forth from Luminus to me, his Mother Goddess, to send him a particle of God Light to seed his planet, to experience for Source.

From my golden womb, I gave birth to Az-Ez-Ra (for ease in language, Az-Ez-Ra will be referred to as "he," but know at the beginning of his birth as a particle of God Light, he was totally balanced in his feminine and masculine properties). I allowed this beautiful particle of God Light to roam the universes, some overseen by other Golden Solar Angels, but I knew he would find his home in Turragata, for all souls have affinity toward like creations. As Luminus and Az-Ez-Ra were both born from my golden womb, I knew they would find each other and make beautiful celestial love.

Az-Ez-Ra found Turragata, and he knew he had come home. To experience, he fractured into Twelve Lights, called the Council of Twelve, or the Twelve Lords of Turragata. The Twelve consisted of six pairs of Soul Mates. This was the first time Az-Ez-Ra knew duality, but remained balanced as each pair of Soul Mates saw within the other that very aspect within themselves.

Thus, there were six feminine beings and six masculine beings, though all were tantric and balanced. To experience even more, each Lord of Turragata fractured just as their Higher Self Az-Ez-Ra had into twelve more components. Therefore, in the beginning, there were 144 on Turragata experiencing third dimensional life. Along their journey came the animal and plant life that wanted nothing else but to further the evolution of this beautiful particle of God Light.

However, when the 144 fully anchored their vibration in the third dimension, the great shroud came over them, and they forgot their connection, their Higher Self Az-Ez-Ra. The 144 became the Twelve Tribes of Turragata and they went their separate ways, going out to make a life for their tribes.

For many years, the Tribes lived in peace. Though they had forgotten their connection to God Source, they clung to one another in love, and that is what allowed them to survive. But a great infection occurred. Within the tribe Antares, a great negativity arose. Hunger for power and thirst for knowledge overcame the need to love one another.

Through deception and manipulation, the Tribe of Antares pulled into their fold two other tribes, Quason and Triton. The tribal triad went forth to spread the negativity that had seeded in Antares, a seed of darkness that the group consciousness chose to accept (Turragata was similar to Earth in that is was a free-will zone). Though all the remaining tribes tried to fight back the negativity infecting Turragata, there were three that stood strong as the leaders against the negativity infected tribes.

They were Mikal, Vesta, and Tanya. The three tribes occupied the area around the great mountain Shastan, a divine representation of Earth's Mount Shasta. From the great mountain, the three tribes meditated on the Light and Love that always emitted from the mountain. Anyone visiting the mountain area could feel the love in their heart chakras increase exponentially, just as their third eye would spontaneously open when setting foot on the area. Shastan was perfectly balanced in its heart and mind and the three tribes were the most balanced on Turragata, though containing their own faults.

The tribes of Mikal, Vesta, and Tanya wanted nothing to do with the war that was raging on their beautiful planet. The other tribes had indulged in warfare, and the three remaining tribes were very threatened, yet they stood strong in their conviction that war was the negativity incarnate. The other tribes that were fighting against Antares, Quason, and Triton though they were fighting negativity, not realizing that it had already infected them.

To escape the warpath of the other tribes, the group consciousness of the Vestal and Tanyan tribes chose to ascend to the etheric body of Turragata, where Luminus dwelled with the twelfth tribe, the tribe of "No-Name." In Turragatan mythology, this tribe ascended as soon as the shroud of darkness covered the minds and hearts of the Turragatans. They named the tribe of No-Name "Nada," meaning nothing.

From the etheric realms, the tribes of Vesta, Tanya, and Nada sent the remaining tribes all their Love and Light, but in that enlightened state, they knew the destiny for Turragata, and there was great weeping in heaven.

The tribe of Mikal still held strong in their belief not to fight; however, there was a faction of the tribe that wanted to fight, for they thought the planet was being overrun by negativity and someone had to do something about it. Erick, a young Mikal, still held to his tribe's inherent virtue to not wage war against the other tribes. However, he didn't believe his tribe had to be complacent about the situation, but be active in the ending of the war that was tearing Turragata apart.

Instead of waging war on the tribes, Erick wanted to wage love on them. It had been so long since the tribes experienced any type of loving thoughts or words. I believe this is what Earthlings call "killing with kindness." Erick infiltrated the Antares camp, knowing through his psychic prowess that the new Lord of Antares had come to power. No one had seen the Lord, but knew his darkness were exponentially greater than his predecessors.

Erick had brought with him seven crystals, crystals that grow around the base of the mountain Shastan. Before he had entered the Antares camp, Erick meditated for seven days and seven nights, charging the crystals with healing, loving energy. He hoped that the crystals, if strategically placed around the camp, would transmute the negativity holding the tribes.

While Erick was placing the seventh crystal in the Lord Antares' empty chamber, the Lord arrived. Lord Antares wore a mask at all times, never revealing his true face to his people, thinking it would control them even more. Erick knew who it was by the Antares symbol on the breastplate of the one that entered. Erick pleaded to the lord to withdraw his people from all the warfare, but the Lord stood in silence.

Erick did not know what to do, but his spirit guided him. He lunged toward the lord and embraced him. "Please, start loving again!!!!" Erick cried. The lord pushed Erick away from him and said: "Foolish Mikal, all this has ever been about was Shastan. My tribe has already conquered the mountain guards. Using the mountain, the tribes can fully control this planet, and the Mikal tribe will be unde my control as well."

"No!" Erick cried. The pain within stirred greatly and made him lunge toward the lord again, but not to embrace. He struck the lord, causing his mask to drop to the ground. When the lord turned around, stunned by the blow, his face was revealed. It was the same face as Erick. The two stood there, looking at each other, as if looking in a mirror. The Lord knew, of course, ever since seeing Erick in his chamber. But then again, the Shadow always knows the secrets . . .

That was the last confrontation of Turragata. While Erick and the Lord Antares realized they were aspects of the other, the planet was destroyed. As the lord had stated, his tribe had took control of the mountain Shastan. When the Antares tribed imbued the mountain with their rage and hatred, the planet could no longer function. The planet fractured into a million shards, physically and etherically.

The Angels of Light knew, however, that Az-Ez-Ra was needed for another experience, an experience in the Milky Way galaxy. The Archangelic Tribes of Sirius and the Pleiades rescued the splintered being Az-Ez-Ra and wrapped all the shards in a healing cocoon and placed it in the oceans of the Alcyone star in the Pleiades. The Sirians and Pleiadians prepared Az-Ez-Ra for the great experiment named Terra. And thus, Az-Ez-Ra, fully healed from what happened on Turragata, seeded Terra Gaia with many of his Starry Sisters & Brothers. He has been with you since the beginning, from Lemuria to now as his messenger Ezrael.

I have told this story to tell you to always hold on to your values; never give in to the negativity infection. Be resilient, Sisters & Brothers of the One Creator. Know and feel the Love & Light that is constantly bombarding you and Terra Gaia and become immune to negativity. Invoke the pink, loving waters from my chalice into your heart and invite the violet flame from my candle into your crown, and know who you are. You are Light. You are Love.

I love you dearly, Children of the One Creator, and I am always with you. I AM El - La - Ra . . .

I am Ezrael. I hope this message has come through clearly to all of you. Let the golden light of the One shine upon and through you all.

Brightest Blessings.

Az-Ez-Ra Transmission ~ December 1, 2002
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