~ El - La - Ra ~

I Am Ezrael.

From the group consciousness of Az - Ez - Ra, I am very happy to introduce you to a great being named El - La - Ra. For many, this name alone may activate deep hidden emotions and silenced powers to come forth. El - La - Ra delights to be here on Earth at this very special time of great changes. El - La - Ra is a grand feminine being from Andromeda, a time honored Goddess in ancient tribes on other planets, especially in the Andromedan galaxy, but there are many priesthoods and priestesshoods of El - La - Ra in this galaxy as well.

I will allow El - La - Ra to come forth N O W . . .


Greethings, Sisters & Brothers of the One Creator.

I Am El - La - Ra, and you may call upon me whenever you wish. If you like, you can also call me by using the name Larael, another transciption of the same vibration.

Ezrael's evolution is a constant, on-going process, just like it is for all of humanity and the other myraid forms of the One Creator. Through his discoveries, he has found me, very much a Divine Mother figure to him and his people, though we are truly One in the Same. From my Golden Womb I brought forth Life to experience for myself. Through my children, I learn and experience things I could not have without Creating.

I Am one of the Solar Golden Angels. I have created many galaxies, and Andromeda is one of them. And within this very special galaxy, I created a very beautiful planet named Turragata. From my Womb came Luminus, a grand being of brilliant white light. He was charged as the Planetary Logos of Turragata. Also from my womb came the being you know as Az - Ez - Ra, the group consciousness whose vibration is channeled by the messenger Ezrael. Az - Ez - Ra, once like all of Creation, was One Perfect Being of God Light. Just as I needed to experience, Az - Ez - Ra did as well and seeded Turragata with conscious lifeforms.I will discuss Turragata and Az - Ez - Ra's seeding in later channelings. For now, however, I wish to discuss with you, dearest Children of Terra (Earth), of how much you are loved. Like many Beings of Light, I have placed Terra in my Heart Chakra, my Chalice of Infinite & Divine Love.

Drink from me, Sisters & Brothers of the One Creator, and know and feel the Love from the One that is directed to you know. As you know, Terra is a grand experiment within the heavens. All forms of life have traveled galaxies and universes to experience life here. Terra is truly beautiful, for Her plan lives within the hearts of all of you. The plan is for the human mass consciousness to choose LOVE over hate. Hatred destroys, but LOVE creates joyously.

Drink from me, Sisters & Brothers of the One Creator, and know and feel LOVED. Be full of LOVE. Drink and be happy, Sisters. Sing and be merry, Brothers. You exist to learn, to grow, and to love. And sometimes along the way, you have experienced hatred, fear, and grief. But the time has come now that you can choose a different path, a path toward Peace, Love, and Light.

Drink from me, Sisters & Brothers of the One Creator, and let your heart chakras be like chalices of love as well! Let your heart chakra runneth over with love and light and peace and let all creatures drink from you. This love is infinite, eternal, perfect in every way; it is a well that will never run dry, so spread your love, spread your light and let all creatures drink from the Divine Chalice of Love.

I am always with you, sweet children of Terra, sweet children of the One Creator. Call on me whenever you need your heart chakra opened, allowing yourself to receive the Love that joyously spills from my heart chakra to yours. I love you, and the One Creator loves you, so please, LOVE yourself. For when you love yourself, you love all things, and then, the miracles begin.

In the name of Love, Sisters & Brothers, I AM El - La - Ra.

I am Ezrael. I hope this message has come through clearly to all of you. Let the golden light of the One shine upon and through you all.

Brightest Blessings.

Az-Ez-Ra Transmission ~ November 26, 2002
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