Gods in Training
Ezrael channeling Az - Ez - Ra

I AM Ezrael. I am the messenger for the group consiousness Az-Ez-ra, who wishes to impart a message to humanity now . . .

I AM Az-Ez-Ra. Greetings, Children of Light & Love, I am very happy to be here with you today, but know, I am always with you. I have come forth through my channel today to give you a message you already know, deep down within your cellular encoding.

As many Gnostics already know, "Ye are gods." You are divine particles of God Light, a precious child of the One Creator. Within the spiral of Creation, it is time for humanity to claim their rite on their own throne in their own golden mansion of Light. It is time for humans to take up their mantle as Gods.

This is a very crucial time for all beings, in all universes. Earth is at center stage. What humanity chooses affects all of life everywhere, just like the domino effect. Will you choose a world of love, peace, and light? Or one of fear, hatred, and darkness? Will you choose to become like the Creator? Encoded within every human being is the potential to become a god. When the center of sexuality and creativity in the sacrum (sacral chakra) is balanced with the center of Divine Will and expression in the throat (throat chakra), one can access their inherent abilities as a Creator.

When that time comes, what will you create?

Earth can be a shining star in the universe, becoming a way shower of Light & Love. Billions of other life forms from all over Creation will see Earth and what humanity chose in their evolutionary journey. Humanity has chosen to live in darkness for such a long time, but they chose it to experience, to truly be able to choose love when the time came. Now is that time, when humans don't have to live in darkness anymore.

Many humans have gotten tangled in a net of karmic lessons, returning to Earth to learn the exact same lessons. When someone opens his mind to the possibility that past life cycles do exist, he can see that many of the lessons he's been learning has repeated many times. Knowing what you have experienced in the past gives you the power to cut the karmic ties with the Violet Flame of Transformation. Invoking the Violet Flame will allow all karmic bondage to fall from you, revealing your beautiful, golden white garment of brilliant Light.

When your karma is cleared, you can then learn how to live as gods. What you say, what you think, what you do all affects what comes into your life. When you place thoughtforms in the universe, they do come back; so please, put thoughtforms of love and light out there so it can rain back down in abundance for all of humanity and Earth.

Reclaiming your godhood will allow all things to be revealed. You can sense yourself in the Spiral of Creation . . . you will know the Oneness that exists: you will feel yourself being a blade of grass or a sun or an extraterrestrial in Sirius. It's all up to you, and the Beings of Light, positive extraterrestrials, Ascended Masters, and angels are all here to help you chose Love & Light.

We would like to impart ten steps in reclaiming your godhood, Brothers & Sisters of the Light:

1. Meditate;

As the world becomes faster and faster, it is so important for all humans to be able to quieten the inner noise and the outer. Becoming detached from the world and centering yourself within your being will open the channels of Love & Light that need to be opened at this time. When you find the inner silence, all things become clear.

2. Pray:

Pray to the God that lives within you. Instead of praying to a being outside of yourself, concentrate on the part of God that lives within you. Then you shall realize all peoples have this Divine Spark within them, that all are Gods. Talk to the angels and Ascended Masters, the Spirit Guides of Light, positive extraterrestrials. They all will give you their perfect Love, magnifying your own. Though these guides are always with you, helping you along, the most important being to pray to is your Higher Self, the God within.

3. Create a relationship with your Higher Self:

Above is mentioned that praying to the God within is very important. But it is only the first step. Talk to your Higher Self as much as you can. Your Higher Self will impart to you knowledge of how to merge with this Divine aspect of yourself. Rather than living from ego's chains, you can free yourself by becoming your Higher Self. Merging with the Divine, knowing YOU are Divine, will further open the channels for your physical body to receive the Light that is evolving humanity at this time.

4. Living from the perspective of your Higher Self:

After creating a relationship with your Higher Self and merging with it during meditation will prepare you for the next step. Ask your Higher Self to totally merge with you, allowing you to experience everything, waking and nonwaking, from the perspective of your Higher Self. Perceiving from this plane will allow you to view all situations as part of your evolutionary growth. Perceiving this beautiful tapestry of evolution will inhance your Light exponentially. As your Higher Self, you start to view everything as being One. You will probably start noticing the energy of all objects, places, and peoples. All things have vibrations, and from the view of your Higher Self, all things vibrate with the same energy: Light filled with Love.

5. Explore your creativity:

Opening up to your Higher Self will also allow you to open new channels of creativity. Your sacral chakra will probably constantly be buzzing with ideas. You might even notice kundaline activation at this time of enlightenment. We call these activations Cosmic Orgasms. Because you are perceiving existence through the lens of your Higher Self, whatever comes through from your enhanced creativity is automatically balanced with the center of Divine Will and expression located in the throat chakra. Very interested in crystal and stone frequency therapies, we suggest having orange and blue colored stones around you whenever you make time to be creative. Orange crystals and stones will help you accept the enhanced creativity at levels you are ready for. Blue crystals and stones will help you align this creativty with expression, allowing you to feel confident that you are Divine and that your creativity brings forth Divine things.

Stones that may be used include:

(Orange) Sunstone, honey or orange calcite, tangerine quartz, citrine, golden selenite (which also groundes Divine Light from the crown into the sacrum), and peach moonstone.
(Blue) Rainbow moonstone, turquoise, lapis, angelite, kyanite, and celetite.

Of course, these are only suggestions. Stones should be intuively chosen to best suit your needs.

6. Participating in groups of "Lightworkers":

As many of you know, those that consciously anchor the frequencies of Light & Love on Earth are often called Lightworkers. There are many groups now that meet, either physically or etherically (astrally), to collectively send the Light & Love to the rest of humanity and to Earth. Groups are very critical right now. If you are in a group that acknowledges the God within them, there is great light buzzing all around! Truly in this instance does the total energy is greater than the sum of its parts. Light & Love expand exponentially in groups.

7. Knowing what needs to go:

Realizing your godhood can create many conflicts within your former ego-based life. Things you eat and drink, other things you do to your body, relationships with family and friends may all change. Do not be scared of change, though, Brothers & Sisters of the Light. From the perspective of your Higher Self, you will know what you need in your life and what you do not. If you need to break relationships off, do so with only Love in your hearts, wishing the best for the other person or thing (as many times we create relationships with material things and even thoughtforms).

8. Dance, play, and laugh:

Being a fully realized spiritual being doesn't mean you cannot have any fun! Through the perspective of your Higher Self, you will start seeing how life is something to be enjoyed. There is great knowledge garnered from incarnating at Earth, especially now. Things are changing, but many need to learn how to laugh again. Living is a joyful thing as you are experiencing for the One Creator, the God that lives within you. Even by yourself, dance and laugh and know the joy of the One Creator, for truly, the Heart Chakra of the One is the Center of the Universe, and it is full of joy. Feel this joy and allow it to radiate to all beings everywhere.

9. Create an alter:

Creating a sacred alter will help you align with your Higher Self with full confidence that you are God in training. You can make one that is alligned with the directions. Many prefer their alters to face the North, but many others face them elsewhere. You can put anything you want to on your alter that reminds of the sacredness of all things, including yourself! Ezrael's alter consists of many crystals and stones of different, yet harmonic, vibrations. He also has pictures of his animal totems, candles, etc. Some like use an alter cloth of a color special to them. Do whatever will help you align with your Higher Self, your True Self.

10. Honor the God within others:

The last step in fully realizing the god within you is realizing the god within everyone else. As mentioned, from the perspective of your Higher Self, you can view the Oneness that permeates existence. Honored the God within others is the key peace. How can you hate a part of yourself? For truly, as all are Gods, you are part of the One Creator, the One Source. Honoring the God within others is the key to resolving war and hatred. Holding strong to the Oneness will open all doors and all hearts.

Brightest Blessings, Brother & Sisters of the Light. I love you dearly, so please, love yourselves as well.

I AM Az-Ez-Ra.


Transmission through Ezrael~December 3, 2002

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