Transmission - August 29, 2002

Greetings to all Children of the One Creator.
We are Ez-Ra, channeling through our vehicle whose spirited name is Ezrael.

We have come today to talk to you about the matter of faith. So many institutions use the word as a catch-all regarding your belief in divinity. We have come to tell you the only true faith is the one you have in yourself. Having faith in a deity you cannot see makes no sense to us. Having faith in the divine WITHIN you, however, does make sense to us. We are a fifth-dimensional energy coming into our channel. We have viewed many dimensions, many worlds, but our home is within the heart, the fifth dimension, of the universe. And, of course, we LOVE Gaia, your Mother, for She has so much potential, as does each and every one of you, Her children. (From here, we digress from the matter of faith for a moment.)

Of course, for many of you, your incarnation on Gaia is not your first to set upon her, and you have been on other planets. Though all planets are divine and sacred, Gaia is very special. Gaia is attempting to do what many planets have not been able to do. Of course, this does not mean She is above or below any other planet, for all are on their evolutionary pathways et by their higher selves. She will be the way-shower, a beacon of light in the universe. She will become the star Terra, and along with the rest of your Solar System, will become the eighth star of the Pleiadian star cluster. The seven sisters eagerly await the return of their sister system. There is a great chorus within the dimensions for this stellar event.

We are all on a new threshold of experiencing life, love, and light like none has experienced before. The Ascended Masters, extraterrestrials of light, the angels, dolphins, whales, and all creatures are celebrating at this time. Raise your hands to the stars, ground your feet into the Earth, and be ONE with ALL.

Let us return to the matter of faith.

As many have channeled, let us reiterate the importance of creating your own reality. Thought is a very powerful manifesting tool. As the Creator surely thought of the existence of all the planes and as we are created in Spirit's image, we also have the ability to manifest through thought. This is where true faith comes into being. This is not blind faith. You experience manifesting skills all the time.

When a carpenter looks at a sacred tree, he allows his vision to not even see the tree, but a completed structure of art. He then builds from the tree the treasure he foresaw. This is a simple explaination to the power of thought, but makes a very powerful expression. We are all builders, all carpenters, of our lives.

In the third dimension in which you and our vehicle reside, you are given a remarkable opportunity to learn and experience. You allow yourself to experience this and that, good and bad, and learn from both - hopefully. So many of you, we see, have gotten into a rut, so to speak. After experiencing something "bad," you do not learn from it, but perpetuate "bad things" to return to your life.

Before your incarnation, you choose the highlights of your life. Your life is very detailed, from who your family will be to the friends you will meet along the way (for many of you have known in previous life cycles). You also plan out major events/crises that will occur. Of course, you give yourself leverage with the universal quality of free will. At any time during your incarnation, you can rewrite some plans that you made previously, sometimes called re-birthing in some circles.

Allowing yourself to rewrite the script of your life gives you the control you have always had. Of course, creating your reality coincides with others creating their own. This creates quite a beautiful tapestry of geometric light, a very intelligible artwork that we marvel at. Unfortunately, so many in the third dimension has chosen hatred and fear to control them, allowing the break down of the geometric light grid. We do not judge, however, since as we have said, this is part of your evolution. You must experience the very fear and hatred of your plane if you are to fully recover from the darkness and rise above in the beauty of choosing love and peace.

These are crucial times, for sure, as Gaia is awaiting Her children to choose love and peace for themselves as well as for Her. Some say that Gaia is drying, that the earth changes occuring now such as massive earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, bizarre weather patterns are signs Her condition is deteriorating. We have good news. She is not dying. She is merly releasing the negativity that humans have planted in her etheric body, as well as responding to the irreverent actions taken on her soil and air. She is changing, evolving, and She must release this negativity so She can fully ascend to the Star She was meant to become.

Many of you have experienced some sort of energy work such as Reiki or other energy systems and massage therapies. You understand that after such treatments you may encounter feelings you thought were long gone, or even illnesses that reappear. This is a sign that you have not fully dealt, rather not listened to, the illness or feeling. Feelings and diseases are there to teach you great lessons. Through allopathic means, many of you have just covered up symptoms with medications. Now that they are resurfacing, you can listen to what it teaches, and if you learn and grow from its lessons, you will be healed.

Have faith in yourself. Have faith that you create your reality and that by choosing peace and love, you can start to rebuild the planetary light grid. It has already started to begin as so much love is being sent to you from so many directions, from the extraterrestrials such as the Pleiadians and Sirians to the dolphins and whales which are the protectors and record-keepers of Gaia; from the angels which are off-shoots of Love from the Creator, to Source itself in its capability to shower its Children perfectly, unconditionally, and eternally.

Source radiates from within you, however, not just upon you. This is the key to understanding the divinity within yourself, and thus having faith in it. There is a divine spark within you all. However, when we view beings that have fully realized their divinity, we do not just see a spark, we see a conflagration.

Have faith, dearest Children of Gaia. We love you always and will talk to you again.

We are Ez-Ra.


Transmission through Ezrael~August 29, 2002

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