Transmission - March 6, 2002


We create the Now. With our words, thoughts, feelings, and actions - we create our reality. Why, my brothers and sisters, do we create this world of fragmented peoples that is full of hatred. I tell you:


Stop creating a world of hate. Our Mother and Father love us perfectly, unconditionally, unwaveringly. Their Love is an allowing love. They allow us to make our own mistakes and learn from them. However, one of the biggest lessons that humanity has not learned is to choose love over hatred. Hatred is a choise. But so is love. Why, then, do we choose hatred? Choosing hatred may seem the easiest to choose, but how can this be? You have seen people whose hatred consumes them, allowing no love or happiness to enter their lives. Is this an easier way to live? No! It is SO much easier, my friends, to love one another, to pick each other up instead of pushing each other to the ground. Let us build up our brothers and sisters instead of tearing them down.

Choose LOVE, my darling ones. The New Dawn's foundation is created by our open hearts. Let us open our hearts to the Great Spirit, our Creator, and the sacred dance between the Mother and Father. Let us dawn with Them, and the Circle of Love will be complete.

Then shall the New Dawn rise.



Transmission through Ezrael~February 12, 2002

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