Transmission - February 12, 2002

I AM STAR CHYLDE. I have come to you this evening to present a very important message, a message that has been transmitted by numerous other channels. This message: LOVE. Love yourself. Love those around you. Love the birds that wake you up in the morning with their song. Love the trees that balance their lives between the dark, moist earth and the light, dry air, and somehow find a way to bend with change. Love all these things that the Creator has created. Love is the key to authentic power. You may question the relativity between love and power. Love and Power are the Divine aspects of the One. The One is Two, eternally intertwined: the masculine aspect of the One, whom you call God (the Father), is the personification of Divine Power, whereas the feminine aspect of the One, whom you call Goddess (the Mother), is the personification of Divine Love.

For too long has only Power ruled this sphere called Earth. Wars have plagued this planet, hatred has separated its peoples. This does not mean that the Father encourages war or hatred. He wants nothing more for His children than to love one another. God, the Father, is not devoid of Love, just as the Mother is not devoid of Power. They are perfect compliments to one another. Power coupled with Love reveals authentic power. Now is a time for rebalancing this beautiful planet.

The Goddess has returned. Let Earth rejoice for her triumphant return! Who cannot smile to the mention of these words? More and more people are opening themselves to the Goddess and her adundant, infinite Love. It's such a joyous time, and even though there are those that will denounce your beliefs as fiction, they will only make you stronger. And even though there are things happening all around us that may seem troubling, they will only make you stronger. In the end, you will confront the winds of change as easily as trees do. In the end, all the conflicts that you have faced are the same forces that will help you see more clearly and reveal the beauty of Earth in all Her splendor. It's a wonderful time to be here on Earth. Let us raise our hands together in peace and love, and true, authentic power shall be ours.

I send the brightest blessings to you all.


Transmission through Ezrael~February 12, 2002

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