~ Labor Pains ~

I am so glad to be back with you all. As of late, my channel, Ezrael, has not been feeling well spiritually - in fact, we have experienced the longest dark night of the soul we ever have. However, the channel is clear now. There may be more highs and lows coming our way, but it is part of the labor pains which I am here today to talk to you about.

Many of you have heard of Earth Changes, of increased activity in the Earth's tectonic plates and the like, creating more earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, etc. You may also notice that many are leaving this plane of existence. This is because the spiritual frequency on Earth is rapidly increasing. Some may not be ready for the climactic changes Earth is going to face; however, some are leaving to provide support from the higher planes. Do not be alarmed. All have purpose, and all will come back to Source in due time.

However, today I want to talk about these Earth Changes a bit differently. They are indeed labor pains. The Earth Mother is pregnant, my dearest ones. Within her is the Christ Light, ready to be born in masse on Earth and in her inhabitants. All is as it should be, so please do not fear these pains, these changes that will be increasing at this time and in the coming years. Some have already accepted their Christ Light within themselves, anchoring the energy on Earth so that the transition, or birth, will be as smooth as possible.

This is a time of joy, my dearest ones! Earth will not become a Christed Planet - it already IS! It was within Earth and all of you since the beginning, ready to be born! Unfortunately, many of tried everything that could to suppress the birth of Christ. But no longer! Humans are ready. It may not seem that way as you turn on your televisions and radios, but I tell you the truth, peace and love and light are here right NOW! And the full realization of this is going to be born very soon. Not in weeks or months, but in years still to come. Do not worry about having to wait - you can start building a bridge to this new world right now by loving yourself unconditionally and extending that love to all others. Start now, this new year, to spread as much love and joy as possible.

The labor pains are evident. Have no fear, for Christ is here within us.

Be brave, my darlings: live and love.

Full Moon on January 7, 2004
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