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Cutest Puppy Pix
This page is dedicated to all the puppies I've seen that I think are super cute if you have some realy cute pup pix plz email them to me  and let me know if i can put them on my site.
This is an alaskin malamute  he is a mix breed of a syberian husky and a samoyed
I call him Unibrow
Belle  was taken from a pet store  where she was abused and mistreated , when i first got her she didn't know the differance between right and wrong ,left or right she was pretty confused.
for a while when we went out we would come home to a dog so happy to see us she would run down tthe hall squating and peeing without realizing it. It took so long to train her she is about a year old now and is fully trained as of about a month ago. thanx to a VERY patient doggie therapist.
She might be a bit of a dumb ass but that will never take away from how cute she is . Belle is a mix between a border collie and a lab with some sheepdog in her.She recently had her first litter of puppies
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