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Grand Traverse County Michigan CPS abuse
A growing forum to remove the immunity "child protective services", "child & family services", family court judge Stowe (still on bench after embezzling $70,000.00 of court money to pay off his mistress'es ex-husband), Munson hospital and the police have for stealing and abusing our children. TIME FOR ALL THE CHILDREN TO RETURN TO THEIR GOOD ANCESTRAL HOME.

How to end these needless abductions

The needless abductions of these children have to stop and the only way to do that is to change the laws that govern Child Protective Services.

•In this country when someone breaks the law, whether it is a police officer, a doctor, or an ordinary citizen they are charged with a crime. Should it be any different for CPS?
•When a doctor is negligent in performing his duties and his patient is injured or killed because of that negligence he is held accountable. Should it be any different for CPS?
•When a child dies, and there is even the suspicion that the other parent could have known of the abuse, that parent is charged with failure to protect. Should it be any different for CPS?
•When a government agency in this country isn't following the law, and performing its duties as required, they are investigated and if needed, the Federal Government intervenes to make them perform those duties or shuts them down. Should it be any different for CPS?
Evidence shows that Child Protective Services isn't working in this country, it is a broken system not merely full of cracks, but riddled with big gaping holes that America's children are falling into. Hasn't the time come to change this department?

Complaints about Child Protective Services at the federal level are met with the assertion that CPS is not a federal issue, but a state issue. How can that be when children in every state are wrongfully abducted, abused and dying with Child Protective Services involvement? Children unjustly abducted, abused and dying in America are not just a state issue, it is a national issue and until these American children's deaths, abuse and abductions are viewed as an American problem, the deaths will continue.


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