23C Standard Diesel (TO-35) Parts 

Standard 85 & 87 MM Gas Engine Parts

Complete Engine Overhaul Kit Complete kit contains: Sleeve-Piston-Ring set, wrist pin bushings, complete gasket set with crankshaft seals, connecting rod bearings, main bearing kit, four (4) intake valves, four (4) exhaust valves, eight (8) valve guides, eight (8) valve springs, and valve keepers. LIST TRACTOR SERIAL NUMBER AND BEARING SIZES WHEN ORDERING.

Sleeve-Piston-Ring Kit 

Complete Gasket Kit (Gas)  

Complete Gasket Kit With Seals (Diesel) 

Head Gasket Set (Gas) 

Diesel Valve Grinding Gasket Set (Head Set) 

Oil Pan Gasket (Gas) 

Timming Cover Gasket (Gas)

Governor Shaft Seal

Engine Seals (Gas) 

Front Crankshaft Seal (Diesel)

Rear Seals (Diesel)

Engine Valve Overhaul Kit Includes: Valves, springs, keys and guides.

Piston Pin Bushing Kit

Bearings & Bushings 

Thrust Washer Set 

Piston Ring Set (Gas) 

Piston Ring Set (Diesel)


Crankshaft Balancer Assembly


Camshaft Bushing 

Oil Pump (Complete)

Oil Pump Repair Kit 

Cylinder Head With Valves

Rebuilt Cylinder Head Without Valves 

Timming Gear Cover

Governor Assembly 

Oil Pan

Engine Dipstick

Tappets (Cam Followers) 

Oil Filler Cap

Cam Gear

Rocker Arm Shaft and Bushings

Rebuilt Rocker Arm 

Crankshaft Gear

Diesel Connecting Rod 

Timming Idle Gear

Engine Oil Filter

Air Filter Element

Diesel Fuel Filter

Crankshaft Seal Housing Kit

Spin-On Oil Filter Assembly
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