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a-ha is:

Morten Harket, Vocals
Magne Furuholmen, Keyboards
Paul Waaktaar-Savoy, Guitar
All songs and music by Paul Waaktaar-Savoy, Magne Furuholmen, and Morten Harket

Welcome to the club!

My welcome to the club! Cool! From www.a-ha.com


I get all my news from www.a-ha.com, the official a-ha website, and Headlines and Deadlines, now part of the official site!

And if you haven't joined the minor earth community yet, you need to get over there and do it! And us American fans even have our own Community section - the US Fan Zone!!

30 July: Well, well, well... for all you poor people who look at my site for news updates - I'm sorry. Yep, school work has done it to me again. But definately bookmark the official site. I've learned that this site is even listed on the official site!!! I've never been so amazed in my life. I feel like that brings me one step closer to Morten, Pal, and Magne actually knowing of my existence and love for their music for over 16 years now!!

20 May 2002: Lyrics and the cover for Lifelines are added. YAY! I still want to scan in the pics from the booklet and add them. Also, I want to add Reasons to Stay Indoors to the Savoy pages. Also, I still need to add to the lycos stuff... *sigh* Lost the passwords... that may take awhile. Oh, and I'm finally back in the webring!

17 May 2002: It's Friday, I got my CD today... I've listened to it about 4 times now. It's different, I'll say that. Like none of their other albums... I'm not sure what to think just yet. But I will say this... Dragonfly is alright. I'm just used to Mags singing it, may take a few more listens to get used to Morton's voice. I suppose I did it with Velvet, I can do it with this. *grins* Now to update my discography, lyrics, and lycos gear stuff.

15 May 2002: Ack! Lifelines is now out in some places.. I've been bouncing around cd stores ordering.. and then canceling when I get it ordered quicker somewhere else... Right now I've ordered the regular cd from amazon.com with the Forever Not Yours 4-track cd ordered from there as well. I had originally ordered the Lifelines Limited Edition cd from CDNOW, but it was going to take TOO LONG... *laughs* You don't understand my need for new a-ha music NOW... By ordering from amazon.com I can get the cd in two days and the single (with Differences) sometime next week! I love amazon.com!!! Plus, I haven't found a listing for the Limited Edition cd yet... if someone knows... please tell me what I'm missing.

15 April 2002: Again, I have been gone for far too long. I've just visited the official website and watched the new video and listened to clips from 3 of the new songs. They all sound great. And I can't even find out when the release date for the album is!!! But you can get the first single.


a-ha fan meeting In Las Vegas, October 27, 2001 with a pre-meeting party the 26th at the Hard Rock Cafe. For all the latest information, go to www.a-ha.com, under the Minor Earth Community, Fan Clubs, US Fan Zone for regular updates as to such things as the meeting venue, travel, hotel, and ticket information, more FAQs answered regarding the meeting, and basically everything you'll need to know.

The guys performing at the 1998 Nobel Peace Concert.

14 July: A letter from a fellow a-ha webmaster:

Let to introduce me, I am the webmaster of the “Norwegian Dream Called A-ha” based in France, I am preparing the first international a-ha webmaster chat meeting, it will be help the next August 4th 2001 to 22.00 pm CET Time on my personal chat page , are you ready to be involve in this new a-ha connection with all the world, to share our own experience and feeling on the band and relation with music, Warner……please check the following registration form, awaiting to have your sooner answer and your confirmation to be at the a-ha chat.
Take care :
PATRICK LABI from “The Norwegian Dream called A-ha”

I'm going to try to be there. You webmasters who didn't know of it before - be sure to try to make it!

11 July: a-ha played to an estimated 70,000 people in front of Stuttgart castle in Germany for the Arena of Sound festival. Journalist Tilman Rau from the Stuttgarter Zeitung added a bit to a-ha history. Their performance made him adapt four new definitions of the term 'a-ha effect'. Here is the whole story from the official a-ha website. And here is the explanation of just the a-ha effect on my website.

3 October 2000: a-ha have been collecting awards for their latest release, "Minor Earth | Major Sky". At the German VIVA COMET awards, a-ha won the "Comeback of the Year" award, and stirred the audience performing "Summer Moved On" during the awards ceremony.

And at the Norwegian HitAwards, a-ha won the "Hit of the Year" award for "Summer Moved On", and were nominated in several other categories.

4 September 2000: Congratulations to Mags, Paul and Morten! Although it has been the biggest hit for a-ha (so far), Take on Me had never reached #1 in the U.K. (it had risen to #2), but it rocketed up the charts with a cover version by A1! A great song is a great song - and this is just more proof.

22 August 2000: CNN's "WorldBeat" program focused on Nordic Music last weekend, and one of the segments was on the "much-anticipated return of a-ha". "WorldBeat" is a great show, broadcast worldwide by CNN and CNN International. Unfortunately, the one week I miss it... I've been watching since ME-MS came out in case the guys would be on. Boy, am I kicking myself for not only missing it this once, but also not checking the offical site - they mentioned it last Thursday!

a-ha on cnn WorldBeat

Anyhow, go here to see the WorldBeat interview with the guys.

A great site! Minor Earth|Major Sky - French Website. It has a great section of video and audio links. Morton singing "Bridge Over Troubled Water"! I almost died!!! You have to go by and give it a listen.

From the Paris Press Conference
A picture from the Paris Press Conference

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