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I am a Cartoonist, and over the past years have had many of my Toons posted on other sites...I hope to soon bring them to you from my hompage here...Every Sunday I post a new Cartoon...As the pages continue my newest toon will always be the last one posted...Thank you, & enjoy your stay here...Preciate if ya take a moment to sign my guestbook ... A little Bios on me, short & sweet...I served in the U.S. Army from 66-69...My mos was O5B20/O5C20...I attended the University of Maryland Extension University, Munich, Germany, & hold a Doctorate in Philosophy from a combination of both College & Life credits...Thus came Doc...As for the Crazy, we all have to be a little bit crazy to survive in this complex world around us...So if ya need cheerin up, ya come to the right place...My guarantee is somewhere along the line you'll leave here with a little laughter, but sorry, there are no refunds, & all purchases are final!!!:-)   So, ON WITH THE SHOW!!! Even though it will be short at present...In time it will lengthen, with more of my toons weekly!!!                                                 Sincerely, Doc Crazy
The above cartoon idea came to me after a hard days work
Yes, she was a blonde, & it happened at a local buffet!!!
Was feeling a little batty at the time...Hehehe
As all starving artists, gratuities are acceptable...To send a chuckle or snicker, just click on the hat...
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Guess yall know on what occasion this occurred...
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