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Birthname Cheshire!

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Hello and Welcome My Friend!

You have found Dave B's search headquarters! I have located, and had phone contact with my Birth Mother! We reunited, on May 8,1999, which just happened to be Birth Mother's Day!

Please read my adoption Story, and check out the Facts surrounding my adoption search. If you would care to follow my search, and reunion, be sure to bookmark and check the Updates page on a frequent basis! Don't forget to view my Picture album, not much in it yet, but be patient, I'm still working on it!

Next, how would you like to read a few of the Letters written in retort to an editorial, published in the San Francisco Examiner titled, "Fight Over Adoption Secrecy"? That was my favorite news paper, when I lived in The City by The Bay! When you're done reading the Editorial, you will want to write your own rebuttal! If you do, go ahead and forward it to me, and I will post it here along with the others!

Browse the extensive collection of helpful, informative, and personal adoption related links, or as I like to call them A-Links. They're here to help and guide with your own search. Do you have an adoption related webpage you would like me to link to? Or would you be interested in linking to this site? Contact me!

Visit the many Webrings I belong to. Then by all means leave your search info in my guestbook! Any helpful search or web tips are more than welcome!

Need some inspiration? Read a few famous, and not so famous Quotes. Before you leave, check out the Fun Stuff page.

If you are searching, may your reunion, when it becomes a reality, be a wondrous and joyful event. May it make your life complete, and bring you, the peace of mind you so rightfully deserve! May your nightmares be put to rest and your dreams become realities!


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