Hi, I'm David Alan Murray.


My interests are:

Genealogy and Gulf War Illness.

The surnames of my ancestors are:

Murray, Ledbetter, Boatwright, Hardy, Durnin, Conerly, Young, Martin, Sharkey, Barnes, Cameron, Nason, Person, Hendrix, Reich, Byrne, Beamon, Ward, Simpson, Griffith, Allen, and Lochenour.

My genealogy page is under construction, but you may peek at What's Working.

My wife, Dixie Ann Owens, has her own genealogy page at http://www.geocities.com/dixiemurray/.

My photo album may be viewed at http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/david.murray/rlst

Email me at david.murray@juno.com if interested in my genealogy.

This site is devoted to personal genealogy.

You are my # Counter visitor, Welcome.

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