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You Decide And Judge
1968 Prophecy/Vision

Note: remember while reading the following that the world of the mid 1960's was a VERY different place to the world we know, and many of the themes contained in this vision, although familiar to us today, would have been unknown or even unthinkable to a 90-year old Christian lady at that time.

An elderly lady in her nineties from Valdres in Norway received in 1968 a vision from God. Dr Emmanuel Minos (a well-known Conference speaker from Norway) was conducting evangelistic meetings in the town where she lived. He went to visit her and she told him what she had seen. Then he recorded all these things in a notebook, but thought that as it sounded so incredible, he would not tell anybody.

After more than 30 years he was convinced that he should now share the vision. The lady from Valdres was a reliable Christian with spiritual understanding and was held in respect by all who knew her. Here is what was shown to her:

"I saw, just before the return of our Lord, another World War. The world appeared as a globe - Scandinavia, Europe and also many nations. Then I observed certain events which would happen before the terrible catastrophe. There were four special signs:-

1) Prior to the world-wide conflict and the coming of the Lord there would be a very peaceful period, as never experienced previously, between the powerful nations from the East and the West. In many countries there would be a disarmament program resulting in them being completely unprepared for this crisis, which would happen in a most unexpected way.

2) In the churches compromise and apathy would prevail and a falling away from true, living Christianity. The Christians will not want to listen to serious prophetic ministry before the coming of Jesus. The messages of law and grace, sin and the Gospel, repentance and salvation will be ignored. There will be a substitute prosperity gospel.

The main emphasis will be on making an impression and being successful. Materialism will dominate. Churches and chapels will become empty and be sold for other purposes. Instead of the proclamation of the cross and following Jesus, renewal, holiness and preparation for His coming, there will be entertainment and cultural experience. This will definitely increase.

3) There will be a moral collapse such as we have known before in Norway. People will be living in immorality and adultery. There will be uncleanness before marriage and unfaithfulness between husbands and wives. Such actions will be considered normal and many excuses will be made.

There will be sinful relationships between men and women. Christian families will be affected, and even allow such things to happen.

In the times before His coming there will be an enormous increase of Television Stations and programs with an explosion of violence which will result in an escalation of crime, such that people will not feel safe to walk on the streets.

It will be similar with the Radio Stations. People will view and listen to scenes of death and destruction, evil and wickedness which will influence society. And this will be entertaining and exciting!

The dear old lady said to me. "This will really happen and you will see it . The good will be removed and the evil will be regarded as quite normal."

4) From the underdeveloped countries people will pour into Europe and they will come to Scandinavia and also Norway. There will be such an influx that eventually the people will look upon them in a negative way and will treat them very badly.

Then the high point of our sins will be reached, followed by the 3rd World War and the coming of the Lord Jesus. The actual conflict will not last long. There will be no comparison with this final battle! The air will be so unclean that the people will not be able to breathe properly.

This will spread to the continents of America, Asia and Australia and especially the richer countries. Water will be considered unsafe to drink. The earth will not provide the usual harvests. Consequently only a few will survive and people will try to move to the poorer countries, but they will also be treated in a very harsh manner.

Now I am glad that I shall not experience what I have seen in the future, but when this time approaches you must have courage to declare this vision which God has given to me. Nothing must be contrary to the Bible. The people who know the forgiveness of their sins and that Jesus is Lord and Saviour will be protected and saved!

Jifi-Lam Vision

The world was seen in darkness, with a few candlelights flickering here and there. Satan was seen trying to stomp out these lights. He also began to blow on some and soon the whole world was encompassed in fire. Interpretation: The picture of the flickering lights was understood to represent intercessors. The picture of Satan stomping on them was understood to depict persecution, destruction and hardship of God’s praying people from the 80’s to the coming of Christ with the world being on fire by the mouth of the 2 witnesses. The flip side of this was Satan causing a false intention of Word of Faith and others to bring about the world on fire Holy Revival fanned on by satanic deception.

Prophetic Vision from 1982.

A ship was seen sailing through the night with everyone on board laughing and dancing and having a good time. The ship was headed toward an iceburg and destruction. On the side of the ship was written "Ship Of Faith" I heard a voice say "See the ship of Fools !

Vision seen in 1988

The world was seen as if from space, with the focus on the United States. America was covered with dark clouds over the eastern seaboard. Music like a funeral dirge accompanied by wailing and weeping was heard. The music was similar to the music played at the Alamo by the Mexican army which meant no mercy. The clouds were seen moving from East to West.

Prophetic word heard in 1988

Surely Surely Surely the day has come when the Fear of the Lord will be made manifest to some. For my people on their faces I will show forth all my graces and as the enemy draws near they will cut him down. But on those who will not listen, my Glory will not glisten, and as the separation grows intense, your mind will feel like fire, as the temperature turns higher. Repent and come back home the time is short.

The gamblers table - a dream 1988

A round table was seen with a number of men seated at the table. Off to the side a woman who looked like the former praise and worship leader for James Robinson was standing singing “You’ve got to know when to hold them……. Seated at the table were Paul Crouch, Carlton Pearson, James Robinson, Kenneth Copeland, Rodney Howard-Browne and a few more men not recognized at the time. Surrounding the table watching were many other men. On the table were large piles of money. The money was being counted and being distributed. This was interpreted as the first glimpse of networking. Note: Some ministries were indeed falling apart at that time, but have since survived by joining together.

The Glory Has Departed

A vision was seen of a prosperous church. Inside the church was full of people singing and having a good time. The doors to the church were closed and locked. Outside of the church, people were seen crawling towards the church while others were knocking on the door. A hand was seen nailing a sign to the door of the church which said “Ichabod the glory has departed”

Buzzards 1989

While in the city of Tulsa I noticed a number of vultures or buzzards sitting on a power pole and lines. I had been in prayer when I noticed these birds. I heard the Lord say to me, “Notice the Vultures. In the same way, vultures have gathered to pick my body clean. They have become prophets of profit.”

Tidal Wave Dream 2001

In this dream, I was standing on rocks with some young people overlooking the ocean. This was the Pacific Ocean. I pointed out to the people with me to notice the tidal wave. What was unusual, however, was that the wave was not coming toward the shore, which would have been natural. However, this wave was traveling alongside the shore moving from the north to the south. I felt that this was warning me of a new movement that would be sweeping from the north to the south. But this new movement, which would gain momentum as it moved, was false (it moved in the wrong direction) and very destructive.

Prophetic Word heard in 2001

Behold a new thing as it is written and many shall fall.

Testimony of an Auschwitz Survivor

In 1987 I had the opportunity to meet a woman who had recently accepted Yeshua as her Messiah. Marta had been very Jewish her whole life. As we spoke the first time, I noticed the numbers tattooed on her wrist. Seeing that I had noticed the marks, she explained that she had received those while in Auschwitz. We also spoke of her having finally become “completed” meaning she had accepted Jesus as Lord and savior. She began visiting Christian churches besides her Messianic church. After several weeks, her family became concerned that Marta had rejected Christ. When I spoke with Marta she had this to say. “It’s going to happen again.” I asked her what she meant. She told me that she was seeing and sensing the very thing in the Christian churches that she had felt in Germany prior to the start of WWII. She didn’t know how else to explain it, but said she felt the same thing before Hitler took power. All she knew was “It’s going to happen again.” Her other concern was “why was she sensing this in Christian churches”. At the time, I couldn’t answer her. Nevertheless I have watched all these years to see what it was she saw and sensed. Today I understand.

Miracle of the stew -1985

I was visiting Christian friends in Salt Lake City, Ut. At the time money was tight for both of us. We decided to fix lunch for their family of five and my family of five. We ran to the store and I bought 1 ½# of ground beef, a can of tomato soup, a can of green beans and one pound of macaroni to make a goulash with. While preparing the meal two more adults arrived. As I preparethe pan of goulash I asked God to bless the meal and to stretch the food that all might have enough to eat. My friend just smiled and said she hoped so. As we served everyone, the pot never seemed to move. That afternoon we fed twelve people and several of the men had second and third helpings. As I prepared to leave, my friend asked what she should do with the goulash, as it was still full. She wondered if she might share with her neighbors that evening. I told her it was all hers and to share as she saw fit. This was Sunday night. I saw my friend a week later on Sunday morning in church. She came over to relate what had happened. It turns out that on that Sunday evening, her family of five and her neighbor’s family of three had eaten their full of the goulash. The pan was still full!! Monday evening, her family again had goulash. On Tuesday evening, they shared their meal with a family across the street of eight and the pan was still full. They continued to enjoy the meal again on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday evening, when the children came in and commented “What goulash again?? That was the last meal. That night the pot became empty.

Miracle of My Orlando Trip

It was the summer of 1989 and we had traveled to Orlando for a meeting. Now Orlando in the summer is not what I would call a comfortable place to be when you are not used to that kind of heat and humidity. To make things even more interesting our transmission had gone out in our vehicle. I had no rear drive, so always parked so I could pull straight forward. We had stopped at a campground as we had a small trailer with us. The spot they had assigned us was all dirt and had no trees for shade. Not the best spot by any means. After several days we were able to move down two spaces by some trees for the shade. We finished our meetings, repaired the transmission and knew that it was time to go back home. Of course this was totally in faith as all we had was $20.00 to drive back to Colorado with!! Nevertheless we knew it was time to go. My son had just gone up to the office to let them know we would be leaving that day. While he was there, a gentleman had pulled in and requested the very spot we had been camped in saying “It’s my favorite spot in the entire camp.” My son thought that unusual, as he knew from experience it wasn’t. When he came back to the trailer, he relayed the incident. We watched the people pull in, get out their chairs and relax with their iced tea. As my husband and son began to pack up and get everything ready to go, my husband asked me to go ask the people who had just pulled in to pray for our journey home. My youngest son and I went over to say “hello” to this couple. After talking for a few minutes, the gentleman noticed that we were preparing to leave. I explained how we had come down for a meeting at a church and now it was time to go home. I asked if he would hold us in prayer as we traveled, explaining that we had $20.00 to travel home with, but I knew God would either expand my gas mileage, or stretch the money somehow. At that point the gentleman pulled out his wallet. Embarrassed, I said, “no please I’m not asking you for money. Just your prayers.” He laughed, then said “Let me explain. It has always been a tradition when we travel to look for someone to help. This time we found no one. We are only 20 miles from home. I knew however, I needed to pull into this campground, and ask for this spot. Our vacation is over, but I have not found the person I was to help.” Saying that, he gave me $50.00. I was both amazed and still somewhat surprised, but I accepted the money. After we had prayed together, we left. The money he gave us was exactly enough to get us to Pensacola. There we were given three nights stay at a campground as a promotion. While there, we had noticed a small church that everyone in the family was impressed to attend on Sunday. That morning, God again took events in to his hands. My husband was invited to sit on the pulpit with the pastor, whom he had never met. After a few minutes of prayer, the pastor looked at my husband and said “I believe you are to take the services this morning.” My husband spoke on repentance. It was a hard message but very well received by the people there. As we prepared to leave, the deacon came out and asked us if we could use some food. We said that would be a blessing. What they gave us however, was the morning offering. That was enough to get us to Shreveport, La. There God once again met our needs and gave us enough money to get to Tyler, Texas. In Tyler, we met a doctor and his wife who were returning missionaries from Nigeria. After an evening of sharing with them on what we had all been seeing God do, they said they felt God wanted them to give us some money for our trip. This was exactly enough to get us non-stop to Colorado. Note: We had only been home a few days when all the trouble in the gulf area broke out with what would become Desert Storm. As we watched the news we realized that many of the first men to go were from the naval base at Pensacola. A number of those men had been at the church in Pensacola where God had my husband speak on repentance! The other foot note here, is that when we planned the trip, we prayed as to exactly how to drive there and back. Going down, we took a way that was longer, but had felt that was the way we were to go. Along that trip we had passed many military bases we didn’t even know were there. And each time we passed a base, everyone in the car had been impressed to pray for the men’s safety. While in Pensacola, we had gone to the beach to watch the Blue Angels flight team practice over the water. All of us had the feeling of impending disaster, prayed for their safety but couldn’t understand at that time why we felt that way. How great our God is that He moves His people to pray prior to troubled times like was coming for our nation and our men.

The Bible says when there are prophecies given to the church, "let the other (ones) judge"  1Cor. 14:29.  We should consider and weigh such words, asking God to confirm their meaning to our hearts.  We have the responsibility to test what is given.
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