Drear Oblivion

And health and hope have gone the way of love
Into the drear oblivion of lost things.
-Ernest Dowson

Life is a depressing thing. No matter what we do or become, in the end every one of us will come to the same state - mouldering bones in some grace somewhere. Our fine plans, works, even the memory of us will all come to drear oblivion.

Depressing, but true.

This website showcases poetry and literature from the darker - if more realistic - side of life. You can read tales of classic horror, nostalgic, romantic, and gothic poems by both classic poets such as Byron, and my own efforts in that line. You can also listen and read lyrics from songs.

I also have essays on death itself, self-injury (aka self-mutilation), depression, and a number of my views on religion.

This site may not be joyful, but it always aims to be real.

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