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Come and meet me Nancy Venus and The Copper Cauldron on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.
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Hail And Welcome To Copper Cauldron's  Website
A Coven Of The Venusian Tradition

Established 2001
An Order Of The New Millenium


Welcome to  our website.  Have a look around.  We are a public teaching coven on Long Island, New York.  We desire to bring harmony and understanding of the craft to those of other paths.  We firmly believe that all religions are  in essence a pathway to the divine.   This is our chosen path.  We  respect all others chosen paths.   Enlightenment begins in the understanding that we can not all reach the divine in the same way.  Therefore there must always be diversity and choice.

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My Favorite Full Moon Names

January: Wolf Moon              July: Hay Moon
February: Snow Moon           August: Corn Moon
March: Sap Moon                 September: Harvest Moon
April: Seed Moon                  October: Blood Moon
May: Hare Moon                   November:  Beaver Moon
June: Mead Moon                  December: Oak Moon

Please note
Harvest Moon is the full moon closest to Mabon
(Autumn Equinox), so it could occur in October.
In that case the October Moon would be Harvest Moon.

There are many Full moon names depending on the culture, location, and time period of the names created.

Blue Moon occurs when there are two
Full Moons in  a month.  It's a good time to make commitments and do love magick. 

Dark Moon otherwise know as Spinners Moon or Finders Moon it is the 2nd
New Moon in a month.  This is very powerful moon and good for all kinds of magick. It's also a great time to look for what was lost or hidden.

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