Racing is what i'm into. These classes are the ones in Australia but there is others throughout the world!

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There are several kinds of races, some of these are goodyear, rat race, mouse race, vintage A team race, phatom race etc, etc. In a race, depending on what race it is, you are either given a certain number of laps to complete as quickly as possible or a certain amount of time to complete as many laps as possible. You also have to have a certain amount of pit stops or a certain size tank. The race often comes down to the pit stops so you have to be able to start your engine quickly.

Above: A race in progress. It's a bit hard to make out but if you look in the middle of the circle you can see three pilots jostling together. A pit man can also be seen closer to the camera. This is a Vintage A team race but you cant really tell that from this view.

Above: This is my rat racer. It is a buster(goodyear) design which I
constructed from a sig plan. We are using a 2.5cc glow MVVS
engine in it and we have gotten 2.5 second laps at its best.
We can hopefully speed up the engine by finding the right prop
and puting a bigger venturi in it. We flew it in a competition
and we got 97laps and 86laps for 5mins and 159laps for a 10min

Rat race is a fairly simple class, there is not too much restrictions which eliminates alot of the hassle. The model can be what ever you want it to be, you can design it yourself. In a normal rat race a heat is 10mins and a final is 20mins. You have a pretty big fuel tank but there is a certain amount of pit stops which must be completed. All planes are fitted with fuel cut outs which aid in the pit stops. In big competitions it is flown over asphalt. 2-3 teams are in a race.

Goodyear planes are 1/8th profile scale planes of full size racing planes. They have to complete a certain number of laps as quickly as possible and they have a certain amount of pit stops to complete. Fuel Shut offs are used in goodyear as well. They are very fast and also fly over asphalt. 2-3 teams are ina race. The picture of my plane above is a goodyear model but i have only raced it in a rat race.

This is the race that is done on a world level, it is the fastest and most competitive. Planes are built to certain restrictions. The planes are flying wings(no separate tail plane) and they have built up fuselage's. The engines rev very very quickly. I think they rev at 20000-30000 R.P.M. These planes do one lap in about 1.7 seconds and three planes wizzing around that fast is quite spectacular. The pit stops are very fast. The pitman has a special fuel filler so it fills extra quick. They have to complete a certain number of laps as quickly as possible.

Above: Another one of my rat racers. This one is made from Göran Olsson's plan which  got from his website. Although it is not a F2C aircraft it gives you the idea of the basic shape of one.

The planes flown in vintage A are ones that were designed back in the fifties. The A means that you run a 2.5cc engine. Everything is vintage in this you use a fifties engine design and model design. The planes fly fairly quickly and no fuel shut offs are used which makes it hard for the pilot to land in the right spot, still with alot of practise it can be done.

Vintage 1/2A is the same as Vintage A, you use a fifties designed plane and engine, but instead of 2.5cc engines you use 1.5cc. (1/2A means 1.5cc). The planes are smaller and the lines are shorter.

Mini-Goodyear is a small version of Goodyear(mentioned above). The planes are scale planes of full sized aircraft which were once raced. Mini-Goodyear planes use 2cc engines and I think they work at 1.6 second laps.

Bendix is another form of scale race. It is just like Goodyear and Mini-Goodyear but the planes use larger engines.

Vintage B team race is the same idea as Vintage A and Vintage 1/2A but in Vintage B 5cc engines are used. The planes have to be of vintage design which means they have to have been designed in the 1950's.


Class Two team race is a modern version of Vintage B team race. 5cc engines are used. These planes are very fast.

Classic team race is the same idea as vintage A but it is with aircraft that competed in F2C in the 1970's. 2.5cc engines are used and the engines have to be made in the 70's or be a replica of a plane made in the 70's.

Above: A modified Classic team racer. It has been modified for rat racing but the basic shape is the same.

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