This is my page about Control-line model flying. I've got stuff about model aircraft, pulse jets, racing, combat, a flyers forum and a plan page where i will soon publish plans. For those of you who don't know what control-line model planes are and how they work i will explain.It is this hobby where you fly a plane on two wires and you have this little handle in your hand and when you point it up the plane goes up and the same with down, you stand in one position whilst the plane flys around you, this means you have to turn around to keep up with it..It might sound boring to you because with radio controlled you can have full three axis control when with control line you can only go up and down. But with control line you are conected to the plane and you can feel it vibrating and the thought of being only milliseconds from the ground keeps you on your toes all through the flight. But over all nothing compares with the rush you get if one of the lines break. There are lots of different things you can do with them, such as aerobatics which involes loops, figure of eight etc. I'm more interested in racing. Racing involves 2-3 people flying in the same circle, in a rat race you do one lap (100m) in 2-3 second that means you have to spin once around every 2-3 seconds, if you think thats quick wait till you see an F2C plane which does 1.7 second laps. You might think that you'll just get dizzy and fall over but once you learn to fly you don't get dizzy. Back in the late 50s - 70s it was a really big hobby but now in Australia it has declined. Many people think this decline is due to the fact that no children are interested in aircraft anymore. This is wrong as i am a teenager myself and aircraft are very often discussed. The interest is their but they don't know about control-line. Those of you who are control line flyers should go to the "Flyers Forum" where i will publish your emails containing questions or answers about where to get different things or how to do a certain thing. Other feel free to venture into there for some helpful hints.

Here are the different classes in control line:







Well theres all the stuff about the classes know you know you want to get involved. I hope you are because it's cheap, exciting and fun. If you are and even if you aren't be sure to visit the sites in the links area. The links are to hobby shops, official places and other plane sites. There is also a how to get started area where i will tell you how to get started, there will be an area where you can download model plane plans and try to make it yourself. At the bottom there is a list of all the clubs in Sydney if there is any one how knows any other clubs anywhere alse than email on me and tell me about it.


Scouts Air-Activities Day



How to get started

Pulse Jets - PULSE JET STARTED - Pictures Here

Plans - Foam wing plan soon available


Flyer's Forum

Above: My collection of control-line aircraft. This is to show just how cheap control line is. I couldn't afford this much radio models.

Thanks for coming here, i hope i have given you great insight into controlline aircraft and i hope you return soon.

All feedback is welcome and much appreciated. If you have any queries or suggestions please email me on


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