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Episode Guide

Here is the Episode guide of The TV Series. I'm trying to look for the OAV now. (Soon will be adding info on each episode.)

Mission 1: Lockvogel (Decoy), Feist of Bait

Mission 2: Fort Laufen (Run Away), A Cool Stampede

Mission 3: Paradise, Paradise is Hell

Mission 4: Verrat (Betrayal), An execution of the betrayed

Mission 5: Schickal (Fate),The fate of the hunter

Mission 6: Fraulien (Young lady), Girl in the shadows

Mission 7: Entfuhren (Kidnap), Rising memories

Mission 8: Raubtier (Best of prey), the night of wailing

Mission 9: Schreient (Screaming), Everyone's own memories

Mission 10: Bruder (Brother), The dizzing ties

Mission 11: Abkunft (Arrival), Seperating from the spell

Mission 12: Abscheid (Parting), Why?

Mission 13: Bruch (Breaking), The Rain of Revenge

Mission 14: Fliehen (Flee), The capital under matrial law

Mission 15:Duell (Duel), Avenging hunrters

Mission 16: Schatten (Shadow), Return to battle

Mission 17: Kritiker (Critic), Nameless pride

Mission 18: Schuld (Blame), Farfarello

Mission 19:Sehen (To see),Prelude to Rhapsody

Mission 20: Recht (Right),The arrow of judgement

Mission 21:Trane (Tear), Within memories

Mission 22: Mitleid (Pity), When color fades

Mission 23: Schraube (Screw),Everthing for love

Mission 24: Ende Des Weiss (End of white), The end of Weiss

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