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THIS SITE IS NOT BEING UPDATED NO MORE! I 'am located at a new directory now! Please vist it! .:Weib_Akyo H.Q:. (NEW VERSION)

Welcome to .:WeiB A.K.Y.O HQ:.! This site is based on Weiss Kreuz. It has just about everything you can imangine! This site is Weib EVERYTHING! You name it its on here. Well anyways enjoy your look around!

Update News::

19.8.01: Its been so long! I know! I know! Well i juz came on to tell u al.. I am going to stop updating this site! ^_^ BECAUSE I am loacated at a new directory! So to go there.. please vist the link above! ^_^

06.8.01: Gah! A big update here! I just came on trying ta complete some of this site! You know? Yeah. So ne wayz please! come back in awhile! Also i'm sorry to those pplz who juz e-mailed me bout updating more! >_< So i promise i'll update more!

20.7.01: Wow, i'm still updating! *LOL* that is soo... funny. but ne wayz today i'm gonna try an wrap up all the images for the gallerys n etc! ^^;; yuz indeed i am! *nodz* Other than that i'm gonna try an do alot other things to make this page more intresting. that is why i ask for fan-mail! *nodz* An i'm sorry i've been changing the link of the month off an on, itz juz it keeps being broken, an i'm in the process of getting on to anipike, an i dun want broken links, but soon as that is over with i'm gonna re-post the links back up. Gomen!

18.7.01: Still updating here! *l* Yuz i am indeed. I'm adding new thingz an all that good stuff! *still tryin ta upload the pictures!* >_< So please dun rush me an, yea! thanx come back again!

17.7.01: Nother updating day! ^^; juz came on to wrap up alotta of the pgz. So i'll be hangin around on this site for awhile. *grinz* An maybe get sum stuff done!

16.7.01: Iii! juz came on for sum updating! hai hai! big time updatting! ^^;; i wanna start finishing up alot of these pagez so that these pplz will be happy with me! *LOL* ^^;;; *nodz well thass it fer now, ja ne!

13.7.01: Moshi Moshi!! ^^;; Juz cheakin in ta show ya i'm not dead! *LOL* ^^;; ne wayz! I got my site up.... my art site u can now vist it at . I will soon post it on the linx section once i get some BANNERS!, hehe, ne wayz cheak back soon n stuff yea!! ^^;;; an.. an there is alil message from my friend! ^^;;

Kao: love and peace to all the Yohji fans!!! ;^^;

9.7.01- Hi!! I'm back from my vacation! Woo!! it wuz fun! i went to SF. But when i got home i went to the AX 2001. It wuz soo much fun!! so i packed up on alot of WeiB Kreuz Goodz! hehe! ^^;; But ne wayz juz came on fer a lil updating. put up some new links etc...

30.6.01- Hi! Just came on. I'M FINALLY ON SUMMER VACATION!! YAY! Anyways...This site will not be updated for two weeks. Due to i'm going on Vacation. So please don't be all pissed at me for like not updating. GOMEN! PLEASE COME BACK IN 2 weeks! Airgatou!!!

18.6.01- Hii!! Juz came on fer a quick update here an there, as you can see nothing has changed i'm sorry i'm really busy studying for finals! i have 3 more days of school left,an i gotta make the best of it! *l* Anyways this summer i will be updating a crap load! by time this summer is over this site will be half done an ready to be posted all over! ^_^ SO please gimme a lil break awrigh? Arigatou!

13.6.01- Moshi Moshi! Another big ol update! I'm still working on the gallerys. I should be getting those up real soon! ^_^ Other than that, I added alot more info on the characters. An Other places. So take alook around!

09.6.01- Hii! A HUGE MAJOR UPDATE! ALL PAGES ARE OFFICALLY DONE! Meaning all the pages are no longer blank. BUT I'm not fully done with the pages because i still have to add all the crap to them. -.-; but PLEASE don't kill me. An also the top sites have been added of this page!!

05.6.01- Moshi Moshi! Ogenki desu ka minna? Genki desu here! But anyways i came on to make a quick update on the front page! ^_^ A little change with the linx! ^_^

27.5.01- Hiii! I came on real quick to put some things up i've gotten down about a couple of pages. So go ahead an cheak them out! ^_^ Hope you enjoy them! But anyways, just a quick update!

22.5.01- Moshi moshi! I came on to update somethings here an there to get this site going! woo! But anyways i'm trying to make all the pages i can COMPLETE. The BG page is complete. So please don't get mad at me for now really getting anything done i want to make this site the best possible WeiB Kreuz site ever!

20.5.01- Well first of all i got the whole layout done! its cool neh? yea! ^_^ Ne ways.. i got the top banner up an the links up WHICH don't work though. So please ur gonna have ta wait on it! hehe. Well anyways i'm just going to be updating all day so i'll have fun!

This Web site is all dedicated to WeiB Kreuz. This site has EVERYTHING WeiB. If there is something here I do NOT have please let me know by e-mailing me!

New Stuff
Gallerys are up again!

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