What I have done is to use links to the pictures so as to minimize the downloading of this site. So click on the links and view my projects.....

My continuous project in the works

map of England and Wales

Most Recently Completed

Baby Donald Duck  Baby Steps   "I Proudly Served"  Garfield  Families Are Like Quilts



    Aircraft 1  Aircraft 2  Aircraft 3  Celestial  Letter G

    Computer  Horse Head  Lighthouse  Crown  Butterfly

Plant Designs


Bouquet of flowers  Pansies  Family Tree  Nasturtiums  

British Designs


Stonehenge  Taxi  Tower Bridge  British buses  Loch Ness monster  Chapel

I am always on the lookout for freebies...I am also willing to trade British designs.

Contact me if you wish to trade...NO SPAMMERS

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Green Ribbon Free Graphics by JRNTexas

To learn more about the Green Ribbon Campaign for Open Records.

Viki Mouse Graphics

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