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Packers- 2-1
Lions- 1-1
Bears- 1-1  Vikings- 0-2

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Welcome to the Detroit Lions Unofficial Fan Page! This is our first year on the web. We hope to give you in-depth pre game analysis each week. We plan to get updated with up to the minute reports. This is a non profit site. This site may take a little while before the articles are great, but until then bare with us as we are new to this sort of thing. Please enjoy your visit at our super site for your Detroit Lions. If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to email us. Please by all means sign our guest book, and let us know how your visit was.





Injury Update                                                                                           Brownout #2                                                                                                    Joey Still #1                                                                                                     Elliss Waits                                                                                                     Hakim Eyeing For Opener



Aug 9 - Pittsburgh 13 @  Detroit 26      

Aug 16 Detroit 10 @ Cincinnati 23

Aug 23 Cleveland @ Detroit 7:30 PM ET

Aug 28 Detroit @ Buffalo 7:00 PM ET

Sept 7 - Regular Season Starts


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