Here are some tips to get you around the message board:

Delphi has some pretty neat stuff but I found that none of it is easy to find! Here is some very basic info from "changing your name" to more advanced stuff if you wanted to add a little bit of grafics to your posts. All of this looks very very complicated until you actually start to do it.

Here is a list of what is here:
  • Your Member name and how to change it
  • Profiles and how they work...
  • Can't Find Your Post Or Replies?
  • Want To Use Basic Html For Your Posts?
  • How To Make A Marquee...
  • Grafic Images On Posts
  • Where Do You Get The Images?
  • Saving Your Image On Disk Or Desktop
  • Uploading Your Image As An Attachment
  • Permanent Images Or Text In Your Signature For Every Post

    Your Member name

    To change your "nickname" so people know who you are do this:
    Click on the "MY FORUM'S" in the upper right.
    "My Forums" is just to the upper right of the post (not the whole computer screen)
    on the same line as the little grey tabs.
    Listed from left to right are these tabs:
    Start Messages Chat Webpage Logout Create A New Forum "My Forums"

    When you get to that page look to the lower left in the yellow section.

    Click on "MY PREFERENCES".
    First you will see e-mail address change, then password change (Keep scrolling down) you will see first and last name. (keep scrolling)

    Put your name and year you graduated there.

    This is the important part.....
    scroll all the way down to the bottom of that page
    and click "SUBMIT"

    You HAVE to click "SUBMIT" or it won't take.
    and it takes time for the changes to be seen but it should be different the next time you sign in. !

    Profiles and how they work...

    On the "My Forums" page look at your profile. It is in the lower left.
    You can also see your profile or any one elses for that matter by clicking on your name in a post.

    ... you can see or add to your profile.

    What I did not know was that your profile can be private, public, or just for the friends you choose to see it..

    Go to your profile. If you click on "CHANGE PROFILE" on the top you will see 3 listings.


    The MAIN profile can be seen by the public.

    Click over to PERSONAL and you will see a place where you can make a choice: It reads:
    Display card to: All users Only friends Only me
    This is not necessarily a public profile that anyone can see.
    It is the profile that you can choose who see's what.

    You can choose which "Friends" you want to see it by going here:

    View a Friend's profile (by clicking on his/her membername)
    and click "Add to Friends".

    This will add them to your "Friends" list
    and only THEY can see what your profile says

    The next listing in your profile is:"FAVORITES"
    it also gives you the choice as to who you want to see your information.

    Can't Find Your Post Or Replies?

    Want to find a post
    but you have no clue where it is
    and do not have the hours on end to "find" it?

    You only have to do this once to set it up.
    Go back to the "My Forums" page
    click "My Prefrences" (it is on the left close to the bottom)

    Go down the list almost to the bottom and you will find this and a question:
    Mark discussions as a favorite
    The question they ask is:
    Would you like discussions that you post messages in
    to be automatically marked as "high interest"?
    Check the "YES" box

    If you check it,
    than you will be able to find all of the discussions
    that you ever were involved in or just want to keep tabs on.
    There will be a little "Thumbs Up" next to the discussion.

    To actually "find" the messages you want to see.
    Go to the start page and click on "Messages".
    On the left you will find a little box that says,
    "Show Discussions"
    Scroll down to where it says "Of High Interest"
    and it will show all those posts.

    Want To Use Basic Html For Your Posts?

    The Brackets:

    see the bracket: < ?
    this is the other bracket >
    Brackets are important to html code

    It is the beginning and end of a command
    First of all when you make a post on the message board,
    scroll down and you will see a place to put a check mark near something that says:
    (Check here if HTML tags are in the message)
    check it

    The Code:

    If you put in a code similar to this:
    font face="bookman old style" size="6" color=blue
    (with brackets on each end like this: < > )
    at the top of your post than you can change the colors and fonts and stuff.
    then the words that follow set up the page...
    like "bookman old style" is a type of font.
    so is: Times New Roman
    you can put the name of most any popular font there.

    just until you get use to doing it,
    cut and paste the code and keep all the spacings the same.

    The Size

    and see the number "6" up there in the code?
    well that is a really big font
    you can make that number between 1 and 7.
    and of course "color="
    is the color of your text.

    The Color

    In html code you can just write the NAME of some of the colors you want your font.
    Here is the list of colors you can insert into the code above after color=
    red maroon white purple silver fushia lime
    yellow olive green blue navy gray black teal aqua

    Underlines *Bolds* Italics:

    BOLD is a B surounded by those brackets< >
    ITALICS is an I surounded by those brackets< >
    UNDERLINE is a U also surounded by those brackets < >

    Underline *Bold* Italics:

    You have to END the command with the backslash /
    It is right there on the questionmark key
    and the backslash goes directly after the first bracket
    like this: < / and then whatever comand you want to stop.
    and don't forget the closing bracket or the command just goes on forever.>

    If you want to see the coding for this page or any other webpage, just right click on your mouse and then click "View Source" and you can see the source code the person used to make the page work.

    The Breaks:

    If you do not want your sentences to run on and on....
    then you will have to put a break command where you would normally use a period for now.
    A break command looks like a BR surounded by this < and >

    You do not have to end a break command with a backslash. /

    (It just sounds complicated until you do it.)
    Try it, you can always cancel the post if it just isn't working right.

    A Marquee

    How do I make a marquee? How do I get those words to move across the page?

    For some reason this won't work on Netscape. But anyone looking at it from Explorer can see the marquee scroll across the page.
    The code for this simple:
    the word: marquee with the opening and closing brackets < >
    then the code for the font and color and size all inside brackets < >
    FONT FACE="bookman old style" SIZE="4" COLOR="navy"
    Then you end the marquee as you would end any command
    /marquee of course in those opening and closing brackets.
    This is one of those instances where it is easier if you right click to see the source code for this particular marquee.

    To See If It Worked:

    click "Preview" at the bottom of your posting and you can see it before you post it.

    If You Like It And Want To Post It
    Click: Apply

    Grafic Images On Posts

    When you see "graphic images" or photos on the board in someones post they loaded it as an attachment. It is really quite a simple process.....

    Where Do You Get The Images?

    go here:
    Find a grafic(gif) that you like.
    Use the animated ones they are more fun and just as easy to do..
    Right click on it.
    save image to your desktop or a floppy.

    Saving Your Image On Disk Or Desktop

    find the image that you like.
    RIGHT click your mouse over the image.
    a little window will come up and you should choose something like:
    "save picture as"
    Click on that.
    (you can practice it now on the little animated grafic below)
    Another little window comes up and it says:"Saved in"
    THAT is where you pull down the menu and click on "desktop".
    You will notice also that the "file name" is already there.
    Once you click "save"
    look on your desktop and you will see it there as a little icon.

    Uploading Your Image As An attachment

    (It all sounds complicated until you actually do it, just go step by step and you can't hurt anything so go ahead try it)

    Go To Your post:

    Follow the directions but basically you browse (look around) for the file name on your desktop or your floppy and then upload it as an attachment

    Dont forget to Click "DONE"

    Permanent Images In Your Signature For Every Post
    You can have a permanent "image" in your "signature".
    That html code is put into your "My Preferences" on the "My Forums" page.


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