1970 30th Reunion

Front Row / left to right: 

Cheryl Spera, Carol Keane, Wendy Guthiel, Bonnie Rocafort, Kathy Canady, Elise Peterson, Rosemary Cinquemani, Diane Wolf, Mandi Ross, (Aritieís wife) Artie Picagli kneeling, and ?(canít see clearly who this is).


Second and third rows combined heads in a row: 

Gloria Rella, Diane Siliati, Susan Streng, Nancy Vieli, Louise King, Andrew Heyer, Annette Russo, Diana Tejera, Bernard Cinquemani, Dominic Buonantuono, Maryanne Bosco, canít see whoís in the back next to Gerald Beckles, Irene Donovan, Anthony Bosco, Claudia Politi, canít see, Loretta Dobrolski, Joe Sciara, and in the back there our main hostóMike Capo, canít seeóI think thatís Tom Modeen, our web masteróRick Velez (with the hat!), Billy Pavone, Larry Santich, Linda Swaine, Corine Bitzer, behind her ? canít tell, Bob DeCaro (í69), Antoinette Mann, Debbie Vogt, John Jessberger, Dominick Barone, Eddie Bulgin

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