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          Hi, My name's Carol.   I invite you to pour yourself a cup of coffee, come sit down by me and listen to my little tale. It's the beginning of a Happy story with a Happy ending.  But it begins with a line that is not "Once Upon a time". It probably should begin thus:

"I love food. I have ALWAYS loved food and the rituals (family and otherwise) that surround consuming it.   I expect I will continue to love good food for the rest of my life."

          HOWEVER, I also love being alive and during the Spring of 1999 my doctor pretty much laid down the law and told me, you need to lose some weight, you need to exercise more (that part made me really shudder) and you need to lower your cholesterol numbers. "You need to do this now, not next month, year or decade!"

          Well, I also love a challenge and I want to be around to see next year, next decade and, hopefully, a few decades after that, as well!

          So I vowed to begin mending my ways and take charge of my health. It wasn't going to happen if I just paid lip service to the need to change ---which I had been agreeing with my doctor every check up for fifteen years. He'd say: "It would be a good idea to lose some weight." I'd say: "Yes, I know I need to."   The following check up I would feel relieved if I hadn't gained more than a couple of more pounds from the previous year!!

          Now, it stands to reason that this could have continued to go on for any number of years, as long as I didn't drop dead, but I knew I was not happy being chubby ... pleasingly plump ... heavy ... fat ... obese it what you will, I wanted to be able to go for a walk without feeling worse than when I started out. I really wanted to be able to go for a short motorcycle ride on the passenger seat of my hubby's bike without being miserable. I wanted to be able to find pretty clothes in a size other than 18 and be glad I spent the money, rather than wishing I hadn't had to.

           Come on into my Pages and see some information that has been helpful to me in the past few months, as I re-learn how to eat a healthy diet AND get up off the couch and start movin' toward a healthier ME!

           You're going to find some really good recipes (I'm not an inventive cook, but I can sure follow someone else's yummy recipe to put together a tasty dish, so do check them out).  They are among my "keepers".


     The information on these pages is not meant to be a substitute for any professional advice, guidance, or counseling from a doctor or other trained health care provider. Any information contained on my pages reflects my own experiences. It is not intended in any way to serve as or to take the place of medical advice from a physician.    ALWAYS  consult your doctor before beginning a diet or exercise program.  
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I love lighthouses.   To me they represent safe haven and a promise of care and protection for those who travel the ocean of life.  I want this site to offer care for all those who are trying to make the major change in their lives of beginning to live a more healthy lifestyle.    There will be three sections to begin with:

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(An Index is at the bottom of each page in this site)


General Information on Weight Loss and Exercise

Food Groups        -        Exercise      -    BMI Calculator   

Diet Links Page  -          Lighthouse Friends
(Sites I Recommend)


Personal Pages, recounting my own experiences

The Saga begins...     -    The Pounds Chart      -   Updates Index  1 - 23 - 45   -   My Pictures 1 - 2

Diary 1 - 2 - 3        -    Virtual Model


Recipes and Help Pages

Recipes Index

Healthy Snacks    -   Make a Journal    -   Asking for Help    -  Motivation

Dealing with Negativity    -    Inspiration      -     Self-image      -    12 Steps   -     Beautiful Woman,(pass it on)


Diet Humor

-      Dream Diets        -


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