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Hi, my name is Jim McDermott, and I was chairman of the Breathe Easy Club of East Kilbride Untill just over 5 years ago , my wife being sick I was unable to continue A club member agreed to continue running the group for a short time and has been ever since to present November 2008 Mrs Shiella Temple our chairperson is doing a great job I guess is permanent now
Some members are no longer with us my wife Becky being one and a number of other dear friends who believed in what what was being done locally for folks suffering from Lung Disease are gone but not forgotten and the work they put in to the club from the beginning continues to this day .

The group started in Hairmyres Hospital around 2000 with the Help of Dr Clark and his staff then including nurses It was about that time I got involved because of my wife Becky who believed in the work Breathe Easy were doing in the UK .

We moved shortly after to The Baptist Church Hall in The Old Village of East Kilbride< Br> it was a succesful move and we gradually drew in folks suffering from COPD. Now in November 2008 We currently have about 18 members We are a self-help group who meet together as a group last wednesday of each month at East Mains Baptist Church Hall Maxwell Drive The Village in East Kilbride at 12:30 p.m.

There are about 20 groups, covering most of Scotland,there are also groups in Ireland also in Addition over 100Breathe Easy Groups meeting in England all with the purpose of raising awareness of COPD in the UK . We currently are under the umbrella of the  British Lung Foundation.

Are you aware that Scotland has the highest rate of lung cancer in the world? That over half a million Scots are affected by lung disease? Premature babies, children with asthma, middle-aged employees with work-related lung disease, pensioners with emphysema and bronchitis? These people struggle constantly for their next breath! If you or a family member suffers from one of these diseases, and you would like to find out more about the work of the British Lung Foundation in Scotland, please contact:

British Lung Foundation: BLF Scotland & Northern Ireland

Where To Go From Here

Persons with COPD/Emphysema can most certainly lead productive, fulfilling lives. How we handle our disease, and its effects, is very important.

If we sit back and let it take charge, then it will. We may decline rather rapidly; our spirits suffer, normal activities become major obstacles.

However, if we take charge then we can dramatically affect the progress of the disease, learn that we can still lead quality lives, and be proud. At whatever stage of the disease, this simple approach can make an important difference.

These web pages are but a beginning. But through them you can start the journey to improving your life and spirits - in a significant way. There are many excellent COPD sites on the net. I will provide you with just a few.

Gil and Joyce and transtrachael - The Scoop
COPD support group and chat room_- - <

COPD-International Support List
Bill Hordon - COPD Advocate

Please take a visit to my friend Jan's Page
Jan's Home Page

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