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First of a series to specific body builders. The Gurney Nutting, Saunders-Roe, Northern Coachbuilders and Brush pages are found through "Body builders" section
Most of the pictures here were taken off the net for personal interest before I had the idea of this web site. Therefore some photographs are not credited to the owners. My sincere apologies for this oversight and it will be corrected if they contact me with the details.

My thanks to John Law, Cliff Essex, Ken Smith, Keith Till, Peter Relf, Don Ried, John Hinchliffe and others. Many of the pictures used here are with their kind permission!   Also Aiden Proctor deserves an appreciation for putting together the Leon site and re-lighting an interest that had lain smouldering for 30 odd years. 

Send me an e-mail with your comments.  Thanks for stopping by, hope you find something here worthwhile!...John Trunbull
Bus and Coach Bodybuilders
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The AEC Society
John and Mighty Cat
Lesser known models and marques of British Buses.
(Or engineering before marketing, ingenuity before cost control, tradition over automation)

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Crossley Vehicles
Buses of Halifax Corporation & Hebble Motor Services
British Vintage Trucks
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The Trojan Museum
Operators in the West Riding
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Not so old, but technically from a ceased maker (although the name continues with others), this shows a rare traditional livery on a modern vehicle. Yes it can be done and in my opinion much better than the rubbish put out by many of the new national companies. Halifax Joint Committee Company runs services around Halifax in the old Corporation livery, and also has a fine stock of preserved vehicles too.
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