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Sentinel were THE premier makers of steam trucks. Steam vehicles were not killed off because of the efficiency of petrol or diesel engines, but by government decree, instigated some say by the big motor manufacturers. (A punitive tax to make them uneconomical to run in the UK)  In fact, Sentinel sent their last batch of Steam powered trucks to Argentina as late as 1950. 

From steam, they looked at diesel vehicles in a different way to most others and came up with the underfloor engined diesel truck and the very first underfloor engined bus. But being a small company, they were soon overshadowed by the big boys who saw what a great idea they had hit on.  Very quickly they were left behind in the dust. But it says something that when the end came, it was Rolls-Royce who thought they were worth buying.
This was the STC4, pretty modern looking for the early 50's.  Bodywork was by Beadle at first, later Sentinel built them to the same design.
Thankfully, at least one has been preserved, this ex-Tor Bus of Devon STC4
This is an STC6 model, ODE182 with Metal Industries bodywork. At one point, they were Sentinel's owners.  I understand this is also being preserved.
Yorkshire Traction ended up with this Sentinel after taking over Camblejohn's.  Picture by John Law
Ribble were the biggest users of Sentinel, helping with the development. Unfortunatley, a big order was cancelled when a more powerful engine was not ready on time. Ribble never went back to Sentinel and in turn, they cancelled further development work on the bigger engine.
Here is 2722-CRN211. Photo provided by Dave Shaw, copywrite owner not known.
Premier of Great Gonerby, Lincolnshire, ran this model.
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(ex 2723)
1950 STC4
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