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You will see written elsewhere on this site that E-R-F didn't make buses. Well perhaps not for the UK. Keith Till provided these shots from Malta where a class of model E10 Trailblazers have been locally bodied by Unicar. I also understand that there are some E-R-F buses running in South Africa.  Not strictly speaking fitting in with this site, not least because of age, it was just too good an opportunity to miss!

E-R-F, same family as Foden and likewise now sadly in foreign hands, this time with M.A.N. 
E10 Trailblazer. LCY-948. Chassis No. 79673
E10 Trailblazer ACY-985. Chassis No. 81190
E10 Trailblazer ACY 981. Chassis No.75903
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