Maudslay Motors 1
"Premier of Stainforth" ran this Marathon model. 

Photo by John Law
A Marathon III with a Thornycroft Nippy to the side
Entered at the 1952 Commercial Vehicles Show, this Maudslay Regal IV had a rare Strachan coach body. After the Show, it gained A.E.C. badging plus another registration number.
Perhaps the sister vehicle to the Premier one above, this Marathon was operated by "Tom Burrows of Wombwell" near Barnsley. 

Picture by John Law
Henry Maudslay was a brilliant engineer, his inventions included the micrometer and the first lathe for screw cutting. The company he founded in 1798 built the engines for Brunel's SS Great Western. Henry's grandson W.H. Maudslay and his son, Reginald founded the Standard Motor Company to manufacture cars and the Maudslay Motor Company which specialised in commercial vehicles.
Maudslay along with Crossley, were absorbed by A.E.C. in 1948.  Prior to this Maudslay had been using A.E.C. power units and other componants for some time, so that eventually there was little to differenciate between them. However after take-over the company continued on, becoming the axle manufacturing arm of British Leyland, later being sold to the Rockwell Corportaion of the U.S.A.
Looking like an ECW, this is Park Royal "Royalist" coachwork on a Maudslay. Probably badge engineered but nevertheless! Picture by Don Reid.
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