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Guy Motors of Fallings Park, Wolverhampton. Never in the "big" league, nevertheless whatever they did was done right, (except the Wulfrunian!) a company run by engineers rather than accountants. After taking over the Sunbeam company, they merged their own trolleybus making activities with them. Right next door in Fallings Park were Henry Meadows who's engines they offered. Also they assembled Meadows mini-cars too.  Later both companies came together under the under the Jaguar umbrella.
Although they were hard hit by develpment costs for the Wulfrunian, the UK operations were profitable. What brought them down was a re-run of the Gilford company, selling buses on the "never-never" in South Africa, and the owners (with bus) disappearing into the night!  The White Knight who saved the day at least temporarily was Jaguar, who bought both Guy and Daimler. Jaguar transferred plans for a Daimler truck range to Guy (Big J range) and catapulted them into a major commercial vehicle force. The end was another catastrophic example of industry "leadership" when they were closed down with a full order book and making profits!
A preserved Arab III of Southampton.
Picture by Malcolm Audsley
This good looking Arab II with Roe bodywork worked for L.U.T. and is now in preservation.
The Arab UF, very disapointing sales considering previous single deckers and existing double deckers. This preserved example was with Southampton S.S. dept. Bodywork by Park Royal.
Picture by Malcolm Audsley
Lincoln ran this Ruston-Hornsby engined ARAB III. Very niosy and they didn't catch on!
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