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Here is a pair of Dennis and Foden prototypes for South Yorkshire.  Foden was trying to get back into the bus market once again with this offering. In the event, Dennis won the day.
Magazine advertisment for Foden. Chester took a few of them, but for most operators, they were just too expensive.
Typical Foden Coach from 1949, this with Gray-Line
In 1950 this PVFE6 model of "Salopia" with Whitson observation coach bodywork was sent to the British Exhibition in New York
(Photo of NA3T)
Tough competition. A Foden-NC parked with an LT Leyland and Dennis.
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Of the 3 premier UK truck makers, (Atkinson, ERF & Foden) only ERF did not attempt any specific UK bus models. Foden persisted the longest and had some early success, coming back to again in the 70's for another try. Sadly, they are no longer independant having been bought by Paccar. Now it's badge engineering with them made in the Leyland plant in Lancashire.
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