A very rare 30 ft. CD6-50 for Leon of Finningley, near Doncaster.  Seen here outside the Roe works in Leeds prior to delivery.
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The Daimler Company. Strange heritage, set up to import/manufacture the German cars that became known as Mercedes, then becoming independant. Supplier of cars to Kings, but eventually owned by a gun maker. BSA or Birmingham Small Arms, as in motorcycle manufacturer.  After WWII, the company lost their way as did many UK firms, but at least in the bus field, they actually went from strength to strength culminating in the Fleetline.  But it was the car side that dragged them down and the company was bought by Jaguar to squash fears of V8 powered rivalry in the upper class market. Jaguar also took in Guy at the fire sale of their particular misfortune, which was swallowing a lot more than it could chew.  Political pressure pushed them as the saviour to BMC which pulled them all into the murky pit.  Leyland stepped in and at least in the bus field, had the opportunity to take out a product the market had found to be better than one of its own.  No more Daimler!
Nice livery, nice proportions. A smaller engined CCG5 (which used the Guy constant mesh gearbox) with Darlington.
A lager engined CVG6 Gardner 6LW engine and Roe bodywork with Derby Corporation
Put a 6LX Gardner under the bonnet and these CVG6-30's were real flyers. This picture by R.Mack shows one of Leeds vehicles en-route to Bradford. Note the trolley wires.
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