The Body Builders
WHITSON became the leaders in building "Observation" coaches.  This one is on a Regal IV chassis.  Photo by R.Simpson
Not particularly creative in the style stakes even for 1952, this is a Yorkshire made BARNABY coachwork on a Regal IV chassis.  Starting out with an independant at Pocklington, it passed on take over to East Yorkshire.
WINDOVERS. Coach builders to Rolls Royce and others of the ilk, one of many turning to new markets and finding them if briefly, as bus and coach body makers. Once quite popular, this example on a Regal IV for S.U.T.
On the other side of the Pennines in Lancashire there were a whole host of bodybuilders. This is a 1951 BECCOLS example on a  Royal Tiger chassis.
Another short lived product, and judging by the proportions you can tell why. METALCRAFT, from the Midlands made this tour de force, again from 1951
Of all the things that contribute to an interest such as Buses, the bodybulders are the tangible makers of the form.  An AEC or Bristol are nothing without the clothes they wear  The post war period gave Britain a wealth in diversity of styles.  Unfortunatley this has been whittled down to just a few, in line with the chassis makers. In doing so, the interest in bus-spotting has gone with it to some extent.
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Harrington's early 50's trademark was their Dorsal Fin design. As late as the 1970's this Tiger Cub was still in service. (right)
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