Atkinson, along with Foden and ERF, built the cream of British commercial vehicles. As with Foden, this success did not spill over into bus manufacture, perhaps because they were so well built they priced themselves out of the market.
The one and only Atkinson double decker built for the UK, the PD 746.  Now preserved in the Manchester museum.
Photo above by C.Essex and right by J.Turnbull
Atkinson were at the top end of the truck market but did not have any vehicles for other sectors. Seddon was basically middle range, so  combining the two companies was complimantary. Seddon had an uneventful experiance being part of US International Harvester for a while, but teamed with Atkinson their future seemed assured.  With the recession in the truck market, unfortunately they were bought first by Spain's Edbro and then they in turn by Italy's Iveco (FIAT).  With FIAT in financial trouble, they decided in 2002 to close down UK manufacture and transfer production to Edbro's Spanish factory. Somewhere an accountant thinks they can make Seddon-Atkinson in Spain and still be the same vehicle.
Owner/driver loyalty must be one of the strongest with Atkinson, people going to great lengths to obtain the "circle A" when the logo was changed. Now, sadly one of the premier makers has been swallowed up by the Italian concern. A real dirty word for cancelling regional brands and as with all multinationals, it represents a numbing lack of variety.
2 PM-747 models for Venture Transport
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