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Not an AEC badge to be seen, but  it was! A "Sabre V8" with ECW coachwork. Just like the "Leyland Titan" was in fact a Bristol.  Sabre,  the last model, and very short lived.
Although known as "AEC", the correct company name was "ACV", which as the holding company, grouped AEC with Crossley, Maudslay, Thornycroft, Park Royal, Roe and other affiliates. The ACLO badge was from the South American venture.
With the demise of bespoke bodies for expensive motor cars, some makers moved over and tried a hand at coach-building.  This is a Regal IV with Gurney-Nutting bodywork.  Others with the same idea were Mann Egerton, Windovers and Mulliner.
Saunders-Roe were famous aircraft manufacturers.  After the war they turned to bodybuilding and created the beautiful single decker that graced Royal Tigers and AEC Regal IV's.  This rather less good looking double decker had a lightweight body.
If anyone had consistantly good style, it was Harrington. This ex-M & D Reliance has a pre-Cavalier type of coachwork.  Seen here with Yorkshire Woollen District..
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