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New England Bishop's 40+ Branches
These Pages Produced By Robert R. Bishop, Jr.
Bob Bishop has been working on his families genealogy seriously for the last ten years, although his interest extends back to the 1960s. He has developed extensive information on at least 40 branches of the family.. Follow this link for a list.

His data base of names include individuals born as recently as this year and goes back in time through the 1800, 1700s, 1600s, 1500s, the middle ages, the dark ages, on past 1 AD-1 BC, and (dare I say this) back to Adam and Eve. All told he has about 149 generations of family history.

He is the author of a book on the family titled ORIGINS  made up of seven volumes, each dealing with an individual branch or time period. Due to the limited number of copies printed there are now none left for further distribution. However, immediate relatives of the author have copies.

As his grandfather and great uncle both started work on the family genealogy, he has inherited boxes and boxes and boxes of all kinds of paper work going back to the 1600s. These include letters, deeds, journals, expense reports,photos, maps, books, and much, much more. Most of this is still uncataloged. I will post items from this collection on this page.
Mr. Bishop lives in Newburyport, Massachusetts, only 12 miles from where his ninth great grandfather landed in Ipswich, Mass. from England in 1634. Actually he has gone farther afield than that but just happened to end up close to where the family started in this country over 350 years ago.

From the "Tree of Branches" page, through Wm. Leete, link to  pages showing charts of our lines going back through the middle ages and a GedHtree including 389 individuals in the Middle and Dark ages.

Actual trees, made by a gedcom/html conversion program can be found on the Tree of Branches page as follows:
The "Bishop" branch - 146 individuals.          The "Crooker" Branch - 33 individuals.
The "Bullard" branch - 154 Individuals.        The "Hunter" Branch - 90 Individuals,
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Within the Forest are  pages of text material, histories, stories, interesting tid-bits, etc. on various branches of the family.
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