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What’s A Girl To Do? (Revised version) *NEW* 3 Jan '06

Adventure/Humor. Rated PG .

A normal visit from a friend is a lot of fun. Set around Season 7.

First appear in "Strong Enough" Fanzine.

Exclusively archived in this site only.



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The Missing Piece of the Puzzle (Revised version) - 7 Jan '05

Humor. Rated PG .

A blast from Sam's past may hold the key to her future.

First appear in "I'm Just Sayin' ... #2" Fanzine.

Exclusively archived in this site only.



Fate Episode 3: Everybody Loves Jack 17Kb --  15 Oct '04

Romance/Humor. Rated R .

Sam/Jack. The more the merrier.

Third story in the Fate Series.



Fate Episode 2: The Gutter Strikes Back 13Kb -- 15 Sept '04

Romance/Humor. Rated R .

Sam/Jack. Fighting fate is futile.

Second story in the Fate Series.



Poetic Justice 51Kb -- 15 April '04


Sam/Jack. There are some justice left in this world.



Distant Wind  *Off-site Link*

Co-written with eight other authors from the Thalassa DVD screen capture group

The team gets separated and meets up with some very mystical characters.



Blessed 17Kb -- 15 March '04

Angst/Drama/Hurt and Comfort/Missing Scene for 'Heroes Part II'

Seven years is not enough time to let her go.



Fate 15Kb -- 5 March '04

Romance/Humor. Rated R .

Sam/Jack. Fighting fate is futile.

First story in the Fate Series.


Compromising Position 13Kb --  16 Feb '04


Sam/Jack.  Just like the title said.



His and Hers -- Feb '04 *Completed*

Best Series in the Ship Category of  Stargate SG-1 Fan Awards 2004

Outstanding Series 2nd Place in SJFA 2004



Sam/Jack. This is a series of vignettes where Sam and Jack are forced to write a journal together.



Yuletide Yearning 21Kb --  22 Dec '03


Sam/Jack. Answer to the 2003 Christmas challenge from samandjack list.

"Make my wish come true. All I want for Christmas is ..."



Promise of a Rainbow 13Kb -- 13 Oct '03


Sam/Jack. "And when that moment came ... their rainbow would finally appear. "



The Fourth Kiss 19Kb -- 25 August '03

Humor/Episode Tag/Romance. Rated PG-13 .

Sam/Jack. Just like the title suggested.

Spoiler for 'Broca Divide', 'Point of View', 'Window of Opportunity', and 'Birthright'.



Dreamers Of Your Dream  219 Kb in total -- 10 July '03

Action/Adventure/Drama/Romance. Rated PG-13 .

Sam/Jack. Sam is trained to be the new SG-1 leader.

Sequel to 'Complicated Heart', the 3rd story in  Thread of Destiny Series. But you can read it as a stand alone story.

Part 01: Ing Ngarso Sung Tulodo 57 Kb -- 18 April '03

Part 02: Ing Madya Mangun Karso 76 Kb -- 6 May '03

Part 03: Tut Wuri Handayani 86 Kb -- 10 July '03



Annual Arm-Wrestle Championship 16 Kb -- 29 June '03


"My name is Sgt. D and we are live for the final of the 7th SGC's Annual Arm-Wrestle Championship. "



Easy Way 17 Kb -- (3 June '03)


Sam/Jack. It's easier this way.

Spoiler for 'Window of Opportunity'.



Kiss Goodbye 21 Kb -- 29 March '03

Angst/Romance. Rated PG-13 just to be safe.

WARNING: Major character death. Sam/Jack. One last kiss, one last goodbye.

Minor spoiler for 'Ascension', '2001' and 'Abyss'.



Dilemma 13 Kb -- 15 March '03

Humor/Romance. Rated PG-13 just to be safe.

Sam/Jack. Jack had a dilemma.



Isosceles Triangle 55Kb -- 9 March '03


Sam/Jack. Love triangle could come in various shape.



Mission Possible 60Kb -- 20 Feb '03

Humor/Missing Scene

Jack is a man with a mission, kinda Kinsey whumping. Slightly Sam/Jack. Set pre- and post- 'Disclosure'.

Minor spoilers for 'Nemesis', 'Unnatural Selection', 'Smoke and Mirror', 'Disclosure' and 'Memento'.

Sequel to Partners in Crime



One Slump Day  19Kb -- 15 Feb '03


Sam/Jack. One of those days.



Complicated Heart  217 Kb -- 9 Feb '03
Sam/Jack. Sam was taken as a prisoner off-world and got another memory-stamp.

Sequel to 'Thread of Destiny', the 2nd story in Thread of Destiny Series. But you can read it as a stand alone story.
Read in parts
Read all parts in one page



O'Neill and O'Neil  28Kb -- 30 Dec '02


Based on Jack's line in Season 2 'Secrets'. There is another Colonel O’Neil in the Air Force, with one ‘L’, and he had no sense of humor. Meet the man. And learn how evil Sam really is. Set after Season 5, ‘Fail Safe’, but only minor spoiler for that episode.



Want You To Want Me 12Kb -- 25 Dec '02

Humor/Missing Scene

Songfic 'Want You To Want Me' by Anggun, with a twist. Please read the lyric carefully ... :)

Missing Scene from Season 6 'The Other Guys'.



Why?  1Kb -- 18 Dec '02

Drabble/Missing Scene

Post '100 Days', Sam's POV.



Blessing in Disguise  24Kb -- 5 Dec '02

Humor/Holiday/a little Romance

Sam/Jack. Based on 2002 Christmas Challenge in the samandjack list. First Christmas after Daniel had descended, all 5 members of SG-1 were stuck together at Christmas day.



Partners in Crime 55Kb -- Nov '02   

Sam/Jack. Dr. Rodney McKay wanted to join the SGC and SG-1 would do anything in their power to prevent that.

Minor spoiler for Season 5 ('48 Hours') and Season 6 ('Redemption Part 1&2).



This is ... Awkward 40Kb -- Nov '02
Humor /Romance.
Sam/Jack. Anise/Freya kissed Jack, in front of Sam ... enough said.  Set in Season 6.



Cry 8Kb -- Nov '02
Hurt&Comfort/Missing Scene
Songfic 'Cry' by Mandy Moore. A missing scene for Season 2 episode 'Secrets'.  Sam/Jack Friendship.


Thread of Destiny
112Kb -- Oct '02
Romance /Action/Angst/Humor
Sometimes, tales and realities collides. SG-1 went to a planet, meet the native and then the story is unfold.

The 1st story in  Thread of Destiny Series.

Read in parts

Read all parts in one page


Lighbulb, Tape and A Box of Chocolate
 40Kb -- Sept '02
Sam/Jack. Sam had a bad day, Daniel got what he deserved and the Colonel was just being plain childish. (my first fic ... ).




New Story

(wallpaper and captions)



United We Stand  A wallpaper --  3 Nov '03

Team wallpaper.


Another  A wallpaper --  3 Oct '03

 Sam/Jack AU wallpaper. Thanks to Beth and Thalassa who provided me with the Sam and Jack's wedding picture from 'Point of View'.


The End Of Story  A wallpaper -- 9 Sept '03

My first wallpaper, an Sam/Jack moment, based on 'Divide and Conquer'. Please let me know what do you think about it.

Note: This is for Thalassa, because she's been a bad influence. She provided the picture, she made me addictive to her group, basically, it was all her fault that I was making this wallpaper in the first place.



Tic Tac Toe Caption -- 3 Nov '03


Being Careful Caption -- 11 Oct '03 - This can be seen as the sequel for Easy Money

Crouching Tiger Caption -- 10 Oct '03 

Easy Money Caption -- 10 Oct '03 


Ebay Caption -- 10 Oct '03 -  This is me poking fun at the things that they auctioned in eBay *g*.

Best Captioned Photo in the Additional Category of  Stargate SG-1 Fan Awards 2004


Ala Carter Caption -- 17 Sept '03

Boxer of Briefs Caption -- 17 Sept '03

Drop It! Caption -- 17 Sept '03

Hair Gel Caption -- 17 Sept '03

Peep Hole Caption -- 17 Sept '03




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