Tatted Spider

Tatted spider - mine was tatted with Turkish Simli thread (black with silver metallic). You will need a 4-hole button.

Wind one shuttle and ball using CTM.


R 9 ds


//ch2 then make a really, really long picot - about two feet or so. Repeat 3 more times (4 really long picots), ch2.//

Shuttle join to any hole on button.

Chain enough ds to fit around 1/4 of button loosely (mine took 12). Shuttle join to next button hole. Repeat all the way around button, shuttle join last chain to first join.

Repeat section between //

Join to base of 1st ring.

Now cut each of the long picots about 1/2 up the right side of the picot, so you have a shorter end on the right and a longer end on the left. These will become your new 'shuttle and ball threads' (the shorter end is the "shuttle"). Fingertat a chain of 20 ds. Knot the ends and cut off, leaving a bit of thread for "claws". Repeat with each picot to make the 8 legs.

Stiffen and arrange the legs to look "spidery".

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